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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Some Will Be Heroes

The three young men who took down a terrorist before he could carry out his plan of destruction are from the Sacramento area of California.    They were educated at a Christian School, have parents who are engaged in their lives and incorporate the concept of 'self giving' into their daily lives.

They are good men.

I laughed a little with one of their mothers.  When asked if she was surprised that her son was being hailed around the world as a hero she stated that she knew this quality of self sacrifice is a part of both her boys' makeup.  "I'm not surprised," she said.  "However, I do sometimes worry about them".

My poor long-suffering mother worried about me too but for far different reasons.  She worried that every siren she heard in the middle of the night was connected to me.  She dreaded the late night ring of a telephone or an unexpected knock on a door.

The difference between me at 23 and these young men could not be more pronounced.   My life was all drugs, sex and rock and roll.  Their lives are all about, "What can I do for you?".

Because of my choices, I stand today often regretting the past but never wanting to shut the door on it.   I often wish I had made better choices, that I had not killed my children, that I had come home sooner from work on August 7, 1987 or that I had never walked as far as I did from the Teachings of Holy Mother Church.

What I see as remarkable in these three young men is their complete disregard for self in the face of danger.  I hope I can act that way if confronted with evil.  I also hope I never have to find out if I am a coward or not.

Their heroics will be lauded with praise and a parade.  The courage they displayed should be applauded, of this I am quite sure.  However, I wonder if those who honor them know that what those men did sprang from a culture that is far older than an American Culture.  These young men were raised in the Christian Faith.  Their act of self-giving springs from that, believe me.  If they did not have that foundation, we would not have seen that action.  Of this I am quite sure.

Thank you, guys.

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Bonnie Tyrrel said...

I just LOVE everything you post....I love your blog, your point of view!!!!! Thank you....period!