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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holiday Blues | Word on Fire

Holiday Blues | Word on Fire

I read this today and think about those of us who have less than stellar or admirable lives.  I think about the people who are marginalized because we are not crowding the pews at Mass on Christmas morning with our 12 children and 43 grandchildren.  I think about people like me, who have heard nothing but the negative and have made a deliberate and intentional decision to not believe the poor opinion about me, held by another.

I am so blessed today.  I have such a wonderful life.  I have good friends and a loving family and I am able to participate in life today ways that were closed to me 22 plus years ago.

The fact that my outward life is not the one others think is worthy of praise does not matter.  I have learned about me and found I am not a fair weather person anymore and that is huge growth.  No longer do I believe Truth only when it is convenient.  No longer do I accept less from myself than I know I can give and do.  My expectations are high, in that I expect me to behave in a way that is worthy of the name Catholic.  If I don't; if I stumble and fall and bring shame upon myself and Holy Mother Church then it is up to me to stand up, dust off, and get walking again.

I believe that our natural state of being was to have been in total communion with The Creator.  We cannot have that total communion if we are holding onto hatred, resentment, selfishness or fear.  To the extent I drop these rocks from my arms is the extent to which I move closer to The Creator, to what should be my natural state of being.

Merry Christmas to The Lonely.  You are loved.

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