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Thursday, October 30, 2014


The best part of the Giants' World Series Win has been the memories I got to build with my Mom.

We watched all the playoff games together, cheered and groaned and clapped and prayed and laughed together.

My Mom is in great health and I expect her to be around for awhile, but I am very aware that every day I spend with her right now is a gift from God. She is 93 years old and I am so grateful she is here on earth with me to talk to right now.

With that, thank you, SF Giants for giving me a fabulous memory to hold forever. Me and Mom, watching the Series together in 2014 as Madison Bumgarner becomes the greatest pitcher in WS history.

Ok, now Niners - let's get it together and give me another Superbowl to watch with we can WIN, ok?