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Friday, September 19, 2014

Raising Money for a Good Cause!

Three days ago I established a GoFundMe account to help out my nephew, Ryan, with a altruistic project he has on his plate.

Ryan coaches football in Modesto - not for a school but for a kind of "Pop Warner" type organization particular to our valley.  He is the Defensive Coach for the mighty Modesto Patriots - all 13 of them.

That's right.

Ryan has five - count 'em - five players on Defense and while they are game and tough (as tough as 12 year olds can be) and willing to do the deal the fact is they get to go up against some of the 'powerhouse' teams fielded by the other areas of the valley.

Ryan wants to buy football gloves for his guys and he came to me and Grandma (of course) and asked if we could help. 

Grandma, believe it or not, suggested I put it out on Facebook and then a friend told me about that GoFundMe thing (because I am so darn tech savvy) and KAPOW -

We have raised $320.00 of our $400.00 goal...and I am blown away.

I am blown away by the generosity of the people at work, of the people in my 12 step program and my family members far away.

I am encouraged because it is so easy to get cynical or disappointed and to just want to give up.

Well, this is a huge thank you..a big shout out...and giant cyber {{{{HUG}}}} to all my friends and rock.

Thank you!

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