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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Another Wacky Wednesday

I am tired.

Physically, I am really tired. I had a very busy weekend and it has been hecka tough at work this week. A myriad of personnel issues has be wishing I could meet Prince Charming, win the lotto, move to Denver - anything but come to work and deal with what is right here in front of me.

I have been trying to pray a simple nine hour novena and get to the third hour, get super busy and forget the next six.

No wonder Jesus shakes His head and smiles at me.

Tonight, I get to be of service in a room of like-minded and similarly afflicted people. This is going to help, I am sure, to get me back in balance. It is always good for me to be with my tribe when I get this tired.

As always, I will feel so much better when that group gets together. As always, I will feel safe and happy and then, because I am restored, I will sleep better tonight.

SO...Wednesday is a good day. It is mid week and it means renewal.

Tomorrow I will have another go at that Novena.

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