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Monday, April 7, 2014

Better Days and Standing Firm

I feel so much better today - still a little hitch in my giddyap but nothing like yesterday. That was just awful! I am hoping someone got out of Purgatory because I was not good for much else.

A nice young man I know from the fellowship of like minded and similarly afflicted people I hang out with in order to keep my sanity is starting his own 'Ministry'.

Good for him. I asked him to leave me out of it.

I am all for ecumenism but I will not become involved with still another group of people who have decided THEY know the Truth and the rest of us are either Lukewarm Christians or Paganized Christians or members of the Whore of Babylon or whatever. I am too old, too busy and too disgusted with the constant splintering of Protestantism to do more than tip my hat and keep him in prayer.


I am in The Church and I am HOME. I do not need another store front preacher of presenter of Catholic Light Philosophy to fill my days. I have the fullness of The Faith, The Sacraments and The Magisterium. I have the totality of The Holy Scriptures as revealed by The Holy Spirit, rather than revealed by Martin Luther and John Calvin. I have no reason to leave - my life is complete.

So, one of the perks of feeling better is the ability to very clearly state to this young man, "Good for you. Please do not include me".

I hope he listens.

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R.L. G said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. I really related to your list of "I am"-s. I seem to have had mastered the art of declaring that past, present and future are all worthless. Thank goodness that the half-lives of those insane thoughts are shorter than they used to be.

I steer clear of the ministries born of epiphanies also. Speaking for myself, the instability of such ventures call for a certain "distance." Enjoy the week, Leslie.