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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Oh For Heaven's Sakes - Letting Go of Past Feuds

Recently I posted that I had been reviewing my past blogs, in particular a time (over two years ago) where I was harassed by two men at the now defunct Modesto Bee blog site, The Hive.

To my absolutely surprise, one of those men has now posted on that blog post of over two years ago stating I need to stop my online slander.

When I pointed out to him that this was over two years ago his response was that he would 'never do' what I had written but that he could not speak for the other man.

I almost fell into the trap of engaging this person again. I will not, because my perception of what happened during that time has not changed. My perception, or the subjective truth regarding the past, has not changed.

The man involved insists what I wrote was slander. It does not meet the legal definition of that term; rather, it becomes a he-said-she-said online feud and I will not engage in this type of thing any more.

Let me state this: during a period of time, every and anything I would post would be followed by nasty, mean, brutal replies by two men. One of those men now denies it happens. Fine. If that makes him feel better, so be it.

I have never lied about me: my past sins, my former pagan life style, my sinful and ugly past. Those people who wish to somehow impugn my integrity or my attack my character by pointing out that I am a drunk, a postabortive woman and a former slut - have at it.

One of the best things about being a Catholic is that coming home to the Church means being forgiven for my horrible sins. I have, through the Sacrament of Reconciliation and through many penances been cleansed of my sins. Jesus not only loves me, He has welcomed me Home to His Church. Today, despite the horrible person I once was, I get to be a writer, a Catechist, a teacher, a speaker, a sober woman. Today, despite what anyone says, I get to be a woman of grace and dignity.

I have only removed one blog post - at my sister in law's request - despite the fact that I believe that particular post was misunderstood. I did that because she asked me to do it because she said it hurt her children.

All I can do this time is state, with honesty, that I am more than willing to not interact with either of these men ever again.

And I will keep them both in prayer.

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