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Friday, February 28, 2014

I am a Witness

God has blessed me with some remarkable people to watch.

Two of them are young, professional women who honored me with a request to sponsor them in our 12 Step program.

Those who follow my blog know that I have the utmost respect for the program which gave me the strength to recover from a seemingly hopeless life AND allowed me to cooperate with the grace that eventually lead me home to The Catholic Church. I honor the Traditions of that fellowship by only saying that it was the appropriate 12 step program that gave me a life that is, today, second to none. Even with its trials, its tribulations and the occasional bout of self pity, I believe my life is fabulous and is a tremendous testimony to the Love of God.

The best part of my life is that I get to share it with others today and the two women I am working with now are examples of how I receive the blessings normally bestowed only upon women who have given birth. For me, to be able to watch them grow and gain insight into their own reactions to life and how to align their will with the Will of the Creator is proof positive that one does not have to have given birth to someone to be their Mom.

One of them has done this HUGE LEAP towards emotional maturity that has me amazed. Seriously amazed. She has come to some conclusions and taken some action in the last 24 hours that can only mean she is cooperating with the Grace of a Loving God. She is starting to clean house, firmly and lovingly, and I am astonished because this kind of courage did not come to ME until I had been sober for about 5 years.

And I am so grateful! You see, a parent wants a child to do better than they have in their life. No good parent is ever jealous of their own child, or holds their child back or in any way inhibits their child's growth.

Shoot, if we do that we miss the opportunity to see our family move up in the world. And we also miss out on chances to embarrass them later in large social gatherings when we show up and they have to explain us to their sophisticated friends (Yes, that's Leslie. I know she is 84 and wearing a Ramones T shirt and holding a Go Niners sign but I really love her so shut up).

I have had such a great week. The soldier is home (I know because I saw him for 10 minutes and then all his stuff arrived and is in my garage). It is raining. I got to go see BB King on Tuesday night and he rocked the house down. It is raining. I went to confession. It is raining. tonight I get to do something for my Mom and tomorrow I get to go speak to young adult Catholics on the importance of Lent.

Maybe I will wear my Ramones T shirt.

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