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Friday, February 7, 2014

Thoughts on Perfection

Don't look to the world for your guidance towards perfection. The world will tell you that if you feel good, if you look a certain way, if your needs and desires are met then you are on the right road. Rather, look towards the perfection that is of God. That perfection may mean a more difficult path, but ultimately it is more fulfilling and leads to eternal happiness.

Who said that?

I said that...that's right, I SAID IT and I WROTE IT and it is not a quote from anyone.

I cannot, however, claim credit for the thoughts or the principle behind what I wrote.

Not only is this something I now know to be TRUTH because it does not fly in the face of Catholic Theology, it is something I was introduced to in a meaningful way in the rooms of the 12 Step program to which I belong.

Step 6.

I was reading Step 6 with a boatload of like minded and similarly afflicted people when a sentence about walking towards the perfection that is OF GOD jumped off the well-worn page and hit me squarely in the eye.

Unlike most of my readers (who all seem to be far more spiritually advanced and gifted than me) I have spent an inordinate amount of time looking for validation from people, places and things.

If I am the right size, have the right hair color, wear my make up just so...then I will be perfect.

If I have the right friends, say the most currently correct thing, listen to the right music....then I will be perfect.

If I have the right car, the right job, the right "HIM" and the right place to live....well, you get the idea.

I was mistaken on so many levels it is hard to name them all but let's look first at my misinterpretation of "perfection".

Perfect = Happy

Happy = always feeling good

Perfect means I will always feel suffering, no snarls in traffic or bad hair days or misunderstandings between friends and loved ones. No problems in the home or the check book.


Strange, isn't it? The Perfect God/Man, the WORD made Flesh who dwelt among us, had a less than perfect life. He spent the last days of His Life being tortured by the very creatures He had created. I cannot imagine that made Him happy.

His mother, the most perfect human ever created, was told flat out a sword would pierce her heart. Gee, that must have been GREAT news for a new Mommy to hear.

No, I was short sighted and I was wrong.

Perfection that is worth working for is Perfection that is Of God and that can only be attained when I am united with Him in heaven.

If I make it...which means my walk on earth has to be diligent and willful and intentional.

I must be an Intentional Disciple of Christ or I am not going to attain that which should be my primary aim.

There are things I will need to do: Faith without those things is not FAITH and it will not save me; rather, it is a pale shadow of what is necessary to attain eternal life.

So off to the world I go, today and every day.

And I pledge to walk towards perfection, however haltingly, one day at a time.


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