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Thursday, February 6, 2014

I am tired

I am exhausted.

I did not think I could be this tired without having to hike up something or walk an inordinate number of miles.

I am exhausted by all the stuff happening at work and I am about ready to start yelling in frustration.

Ok - no. I won't yell.

Dominicans do not yell - we merely grit our teeth, shrug our shoulders and start preaching at people until THEY start yelling.

I have had to spend the last few days herding cats at work. I have three new sponsees and normally those are the crazy people in my life but in a strange twist of fate the nutty newcomers have been ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS while the so-called normal people have been acting like deranged lunatics. They have been gossiping, walking away from duties, spreading gossip and otherwise behaving as though someone dumped a load of acid in the water supply.

Since we do not have running water in this trailer where we work, I am almost certain that is not the problem.


Then, to top off the week, my eye doctor's office manager called me to try and tell me I had not had my VSP insurance covered...which meant I had to do all HER work in order to keep my appointment tomorrow.


I should have suspected this would be a tough week. It started off with a lousy Super Bowl on Sunday and me teaching Redemptive Suffering to the Catechumenates and Candidates on Monday.

It has been a lesson and model in Redemptive Suffering all week and whenever I have this kind of time in life I always think, "There better be a bunch of people getting out of Purgatory for this or someone is gonna hear from me!"

Ah, Well. Tonight I get to go to the gym and tomorrow I get to go share experience, strength and hope to a bunch of people just like me. Saturday I get to be with my Dominican Family and Sunday night the Zombies are back.

I bet next week will be lots better!!!!


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