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Friday, January 3, 2014

Men and Abortion - The Monster We Created

As always, when dealing with 'progressives', it is the men that leap to the 'defense' of Abortion and the industry built on the death of 50 million children.  Done in the name of "Feminism" these same men will demand that those of us who are pro-life and Catholic accept their 'science' that it is not children being killed when an abortion is performed (not a spontaneous abortion or miscarriage - they will mourn that as the loss of a child) but a zygote, a mass of tissue akin to a malignant tumor.  They will demand that we accept this and will refer to those of us who believe that a child is a child, no matter how small, as 'small minded' and 'unscientific' and will describe us as 'pitch fork brandishing wierdos'.

They won't answer the question: when a woman has an abortion, is she pregnant at the time and is she pregnant with a human being or a cat or a dolphin or maybe a California Condor - all of which, under the mantle of 'progressive politics', have more protection under the law than the zygote in the womb of its mother.  They won't answer it because it does not fit their agenda.

I got to thinking, tonight as I was reading the Gary G. Michuta book Making Sense of Mary how we women have created these monsters in the same way that Eve brought sin into the world by aligning herself with Satan and convincing her husband Adam that eating the fruit was a good idea, that God was a liar and did not have their best interest at heart.  And men, faced with the possibility that NOT going along with this 'freedom of choice' meant loneliness as well as realizing that it absolved them of any responsibility for their sexual behavior, went along with it.  To not go along with it is to 'hate women'.

When you try to tell them that women like me (post abortive) are more likely to have breast cancer than those who did not have an abortion or that we are more at risk for depression, substance abuse, anxiety, abusive relationships, suicide, they will poo poo it.  It has nothing to do with the abortion, they will scream at us from their position of authority that they won't assume if it means protecting us from bad decisions.   We are free to choose, they will shout while refusing to complete the sentence (we are free to choose to kill our unborn child but whatever we decide please remember they want nothing to do with it because it is OUR body - a body they want to use for their own pleasure but discard as having nothing to do with THEM when they have finished with it).

Our first mother, Eve, had to convince her husband that turning his back on his Creator was a good thing.

Us women had to convince the men in our lives that having the ability to end our pregnancies by having the child in our wombs sucked out, scraped out, or pulled out bit by bit, limb by limb, was a RIGHT and we needed to be able to do it or we could never be FREE.

Well, we did it - and now there are very few men who call themselves 'liberal' or 'progressive' willing to look at all the evidence or listen to the stories of the women who devastated their lives and regret their abortions (legal or illegal) without belittling us, calling us names or telling us that our 'science' is wrong.

We brought this on ourselves - we have ourselves to blame for this and I am so very, very sorry for the part I played in teaching this lie to the men in my life.

I was one of the liars.  I was one of the women who convinced my brothers that abortion is a right.

I am grateful that God has forgiven me and that I am now fully back in the Church.

I will never be able to repair my part of the damage but I will not be quiet - no matter how many names they call me, no matter how stupid they think I am, I will not be quiet.

I am a post abortive woman.  I regret my abortion.

I will be silent no more.

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Nissa Annakindt said...

Thank you so much for having the courage to share your story with the world. I used to be prochoice but I began watching Fr. Frank Pavone's program when he had info on the Terri Schiavo case (I was against euthanasia), and I was shocked to discover that there were women who regretted their abortions and had bad psychological effects from their abortions. That's what opened me up to become prolife.