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Monday, January 20, 2014

Lofty Softy Writing - the Agony of Defeat


As a Niner Faithful I could spend the time lamenting about the bad calls and the poor play choices of the men making lots more money than I will ever see to choose those plays but the truth is, I am proud of my team.  We had a rough year and we came within one play of making it back to the Super Bowl.  I am very eager to root for the Broncos in the Big Game and I really hope Peyton Manning throws a couple of tough passes right down Sherman's throat.

 I am not bitter.

Shortly after the game was over, on Facebook, a caring but (in my opinion) misguided man posted the oft reported false statement that Super Bowl Sunday is the day with the highest reported cases of domestic violence.  My response to this was to let him know that was false and to tell him that, as a woman who has been a victim of domestic violence, I find the statement offensive just as I find the idea that football being the REAL American pastime being somehow indicative of society's hatred of women.

He didn't understand.

Let me explain.

Our need to look to something like sports as being the genus of a misogynist world speaks to our refusal to acknowledge what causes us to behave like asses towards one another.

It is not sports, it is not alcohol, it is not drugs, it is not whether or not the Democrats or the Republicans are in office.

The reason is simple:  Sin.

We are a fallen people.  We are born in a state of Original Sin, inherited from our first father - Adam - and even when that stain is removed through the Sacrament of Baptism we are left with its residual effects:  CONCUPISCENCE.

I know, I know…it is not a fancy reason and it is not a groovy 21st Century reason but the reality of life is this:  we treat each other and ourselves badly because we are drawn to sin through our fallen natures. The only way we can combat that tugging of our attention to that which inevitably hurts us is by making an act of the will to focus our sight on Christ and on eternity in heaven.

Sherman makes a ridiculous statement and later blames Michael Crabtree for his own inability to behave with any kind of graciousness or class is not because he is inherently bad but because of concupiscence.

People respond to Mr Sherman's ridiculous statement by tweeting and posting horrible racial epitaphs about him not because  they are inherently bad but because of concupiscence.

I bite my lip until it starts to bleed rather than write what I think about someone's political opinion not because I am St Leslie of Modesto; rather, I do so because I regularly take my sorry but into the nearest confessional and receive the grace of reconciliation so that I can summon the strength to not give in to sin when it starts dancing in front of my eyes disguised as a shiny, pretty, multi colored 'great idea'.

People can have opinions about the tribal basis of football teams, the violence that spills out into the stands during, before or after a game, and the horrors of behemoths locked in gladiator battle for our enjoyment.  They can wax eloquent about the need for us to evolve beyond the need to watch grown men (and women) run fast, jump high, catch balls and slam into each other to get more points on a board than other so someone can get a trophy and a ring.  They can lament our inability to get our adrenaline going over a good game of chess or a rousing spelling bee as a lovely substitution for a 51 yard pass or an 18 yard run or a triple play in the bottom of the 11th inning that send your team to the World Series.  I don't care - shoot, they can blame our love of sports for every societal ill we have but again, I don't care.


Because I know that the reason we have horrendous things happen in the world is not because of football, soccer, basketball, hockey or baseball.  We have horrendous things in the world because we are sinners.

Until we admit that we cannot function properly without at least acknowledging that we are creatures and not The Creator we will continue to struggle with violence of all types - people will bomb churches, hurt children, rape women (and men), rob bakeries and steal from the poor box in the back of the synagogue (are their poor boxes there?).  Until we learn that it is to God we owe our ultimate allegiance we will continue to sin.

Now, of course, this is just my opinion.

However, it is an opinion born of personal experience.

Today I know who I am and what I am…and I am humble enough to know that of myself and by myself I am just another sinner struggling in the mud that is this earth.  Without the Love of Jesus Christ, His Church and The Sacraments I am nothing.

Maybe Richard Sherman better think about this before he plays The Broncos in two weeks.


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