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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Death of a Catholic Priest

The following news item was reported - not by anyone that matters in the news in the United States, mind you - and no one seems to care:

These people beheaded Father Francois with a kitchen knife.  Their little cheering minions thrust cell phones forward while they cheered about how great God is and took pictures and videos.

The crime this man committed?

He was a Catholic Priest in a Muslim country.

These same people are the ones that will beat their women, rape their own little boys in order to alleviate their sexual urges and then try to tell you they practice a religion of peace.

The people who will support them will use examples of horrible things done in the name of the Catholic Church back in the year 1550, or 1700.  Of course they cannot point to any document or ruling by a tribunal that states "hold someone down and saw their head off" but they will call The Church corrupt and Her Teachings false because of the bad things done by Her members - but by golly, let's give these people in Syria guns.  After all, they are fighting for their freedom, right?

No they are NOT - they are not fighting for their freedom.  This is a tribal, intersect, religious war and they number of Catholics and other Christians being murdered because we hold steadfast to The Truth is being ignored by the world.

We are not important.

The world does not realize what it is doing, but every Faithful Catholic knows that the Blood of Martyrs is the foundation of our strength.  We are a Church that thrives in chaos and killing because it is then that my willingness to not deviate from Truth matters.

Anyone can be a Catholic when times are good - but only those willing to respond to the graces of their Baptism and Confirmation will be able to withstand what is coming down the road.

My prayers are for those Christians left in that horrible place.  I ask Father Francois to pray with me and for me, for I know he now shares in the Beatific Vision and is now more powerful than his murderers.

Eternal Rest grant unto him, O Lord.


R.L. G said...

Hey Leslie, How are you? This heat is something else, eh?

There is a publication titled “WORLD CHRISTIAN TRENDS AD 30-AD 2200…” that outlines the situation well. It is generally recognized by scholars (believers and non-believers) to be accurate. What was interesting was that Christians are martyred in the greatest numbers by the State, and second place goes to the followers of the “religion of peace.” The followers of that religion have total martyrdom numbers over 14% higher than Christians, and yet they have been around for 600 hundred years less than Christianity. A quote from the book mentioned earlier may have a clue:

“Martyrdom is even desired under certain circumstances. The role of Japanese kamikazes in World War II served this purpose, and certain fundamentalist Muslims deliberately fought to their deaths in the Iran/Iraq Persian Gulf War in the early 1980s.”

The book cites 111 ways to be martyred, with a relative magnitude of 1-10 in each method. I did not see any entries for “suicide bombers.”

My time in the Middle East as a young man taught me one valuable lesson, as it was communicated to me by an ex-patriot, “They don’t think they’re going to a better place, they know they are.” That was my experience. Others may have a different opinion, and that is jake with me. However, I do believe that they believe it is a religion of peace. I suspect that they, like the Communists, believe that peace occurs after they win.

On the other hand, you can go down to your nearest Starbucks for a Latte and some bad jazz, and try to forget that any of this conversation or “stuff that happened over there” ever took place.

God Bless Father Francois, and God help the rest of us.


Leslie Klinger said...

I miss hearing from you, Robert!