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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Widows, the World and The Church

This Sunday the Gospel reading will be from St. Luke, Chapter 7, verses 11-17.

I received Dr Hahn's reflections on the reading in my email today and I was struck by something he shared that I had not known before; that being that many of the Church Fathers see the Widow in this Gospel as representing The Church, weeping for her children who are dead because of sin.  Jesus, of course, restores the sinner to life just as He restored the dead son to his mother because He was moved with pity.  No one asked Him to do it, He just did it - out of Love, He restored the only son to the mother.

So I got to thinking about how important people like me (widows) can add or subtract to any situation and how our roles change as our life experience being a widow changes.

I have been a widow for a long time.  My husband died in 1987 and I am as surprised as the next person that no one else has ever wanted to marry me.  I fully expected to be someone's wife, mother and (evenutal) grandmother some day.  As time went by and I listened to all the reasons my well-meaning friends and family gave me for my long time single status (you are so intelligent that men are intimidated by you, you are so independent, men don't think you need anyone, you are too fat, you are too Catholic, you are too sober), I began to suspect that there was something else going on besides the obvious - Men are not attracted to me.

Well, why not?

I am smart, I am pretty, I like football and I have not been fat for over 2 years.  I have no children, I support myself and I love families. 

So, what's up?

Could it be that God has other plans for me?  Could it possibly be that my role in The Church is one that I need to embrace and honor, rather than lament and try to change?

Could it be God needs Widows like me to weep and pray for those who have left The Church and are now dead in their sins?  Could I possibly be able to move Jesus to have pity upon these pour souls so that He touches them and gives them the command, "Arise'?

I think I may be on to something here.

Until Keanu Reeves or John Cusak come to their senses, I think I may need to just look at my role in The Church and the world as being necessary for someone else's rebirth.

What an amazing idea.....thank you, Lord. 

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