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Friday, May 31, 2013

Grateful and Hopeful

Usually I post about my struggles.  Writing about my walk through this life gives me some clarity about my journey.  Often, after I post, I discover I have given voice to experiences common to most of us - bad days at work, tough family situations, weight, height, hair color, staying sober and Catholic in a world that values neither - and that gives me satisfaction.  It helps me to connect to people despite my personality which is, to be honest, rather shy and stand off ish.  People scare me.  They are unpredictable and strange.  I get along much better with dogs, cats and the occasional jelly fish.

When I write about a tough time and I get contacted by someone who essentially says, "ME TOO" I think, "Oh good...maybe I was not dropped here from another planet 57 years ago in error".

Well, today Gloomy Gussie here is going to write you a gratitude list.  Her tongue might be firmly planted in her cheek but she is going to write it anyway and let's see what happens.

Today I am grateful for:

Employment (even though it is with a government agency and causes me untold heartache and pain)
The Church (despite the fact that I am often laughed at and made fun of, I am very happy I found Truth)
Mom (she may not like me very much sometimes but she has always loved me)
Duffy the Wonder Scotty ('nuff said)
The RCIA Team at St Joseph's
Fra Angelico Chapter Lay Dominicans
The SF Forty Niners
The Giants
Colin Kaepernick (who has promised to run the ball the next time it is third and goal at the 7)
Crystal Light
The Rolling Stones
Catholic Answers Live
The Modesto Bee
Lee Relaxed Fit Jeans for Misses
Planet Fitness
Excedrin PM
my 12 Step Program and all that goes with it
Zombie Movies and TV
Action Movies
Downton Abbey
All Good Books

Yes, when all is said and done, I have a good life today.  It is not perfect.  It is not what I wanted.  I can pay my bills and I have a warm place to sleep at night.  My health is good.

Thank you, God, for my life today exactly as it is - I wouldn't change a thing even if I could!

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