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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What a Marooooon

My friend Patty Bonds had her blog Abba's Little Girl hacked.  The hackers went after some of her posts which make her political stance quite clear while linking that to her Catholic Faith. 

Patty has a much dire view of the US's present situation than I but we are both sisters in Christ.  We would both take a bullet to protect the Eucharist and we both experience the same sorrow of rejection from people who supposedly love us for being that willing to protect Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.  We both have relatives and friends who believe the Catholic Church is a cult/hates women/is the whore of Babylon/ full of pedophiles etc.  We both suffered trauma at the hands of fathers who were not good fathers to us when we were children, though the trauma she suffered went far beyond that which I suffered.

In other words, Patty and I have a lot in common.

When I saw what had happened to her writings I was really surprised.  I know that there are people who claim to be lovers of freedom but go out of their way to shut down opposition voices and I know for a FACT that those people wear hats of both Liberal and Conservative cloth.  I just never realized that either of us could be so important as to invite that kind of cyber mayhem.  I mean, come on people...really?  A Catholic Blog by a middle-aged woman whose more rebellious action is getting a tattoo of a Jerusalem Cross?  A Catholic Blog by a middle-aged woman with fake knees and holds a low level civil service job and lives with her mother?

Don't you have bigger fish to fry?

Isn't there a government installation waiting to be attacked somewhere or emails between some idiot general and his 22 year old sassy-secretary you need to leak?

But of course we all know what is really being attacked, right?  It is not our incredibly power and sway over the populace that Mr Hacker and his little sidekick Judy Joystick are concerned about and so want to destroy.  Heck no.

They just do not like middle-aged women who read, who form opinions and who dare to voice those opinions despite the fact that some great god of a Liberal MAN might be offended.

What this always comes down to is someone somewhere who prides themselves on having a progressive mindset has had their bum bum bruised by something Patty wrote and by golly no one is going to disagree with them and get away with it.  And rather than just open an honest dialogue or debate, they go after the stuff that was written.

So I say, turn the tables on the little whiny baby and go read Patty's stuff.

You just might have your mind changed, though the author will more than likely settle with having your mind stretched.

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