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Monday, September 26, 2011

So here we go

I went in for my chest X-Ray on Friday last and guess what?  I have pneumonia.

It will be cleared up by the time I have my surgery but I still have to take those huge antibiotics and be careful, rest when I can and not try to be Super Woman.

Yesterday I went to Marla's house and we hammered out details for Mom's Birthday party.  Today I went to BevMo and bought the wine and champagne.  It was pretty funny to watch someone with 19 years of sobriety purchase wine and champagne for 30 people.  Thank heavens for a helpful man who works there. Because they are having this great sale, I was able to get GOOD stuff - buy one and get a second one for 5 cents.  I got a case of chardonnay, four bottles of good champagne for under 100 bucks.

Then we went to Target and I found some stuff to use for Jillian's Halloween costume.  I am helping Pam put together a costume for her, she wants to be Cynder the Dragon.  We are going to put her in a black leotard and tights, black turtle neck sweater, a tail, dragon wings and I found a mask with horns.  I will spray paint the hair on the mask purple and we will put red felt on her tummy area and I will tell you I am NOT a crafty woman.  The fact that I am even doing this is amazing.

But you know what?  I am a Catholic woman who believes that if someone, like my niece, asks my help I do the best I can with the talents God has bestowed upon me.  I have great artistic vision.  My Mom and Pam are GREAT at putting a vision into practical application.  Between the three of us we will build her a great costume.

Tonight is RCIA but I am not sure I can be there or not.  I feel fine, right now, but I notice I tire easily and that very well could be the mild pneumonia I have, who knows?  I see Dr Montfort tomorrow and then I have a class in how to use ichat and FaceTime on my MacBook Pro.   I don't want to miss RCIA but go to that stuff.

I have a few more doctor appointments this week.  I go back to work on Thursday night and Friday night, and then I have two days off.  My surgery is in 19 days.....

I am excited.  I want to get this done and reclaim my life.  I am tired of being that nice woman with the great personality.  I want to be the nice woman with the great personality and the ability to go for a long walk, go up and down stairs, maybe even wear high heels again.

I want to be the best Leslie I can be and I have taken myself as far as I can without medical help.

Please keep me in prayer....I will pray for you as well.

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