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Sunday, September 25, 2011

News is News is News

So I am tentatively starting out on google+.  Patty Bonds (Abba's Little Girl) sent me the invite and I have opened the account.

Facebook is fine and I like being able to connect with Ryan in Germany but it is starting to feel like a place for the younger crowd - not us over forty types.  So we will see.  If FB starts charging I will have to deactivate the account because I do not believe in paying for that stuff.

My surgery date is Oct 17.  However, right now I have a slight case pneumonia so I am on antibiotics until that can get cleared up.  I was surprised.  It was caught when I went in for my chest X-ray as part of the pre-op stuff.  I am grateful the surgeon (Dr Van Bagoosian) is so thorough in his preparation.

I will be getting the Sleeve, not Gastric By Pass, because I feel it is a better fit for me.  I want to keep the duodenal and sphincter muscles working as part of digestive.  I look forward to being a smaller version of me.

Most people believe I am doing this out of vanity.  Yes, I would like to look better; however, I am so tired of all the physical pain and not being able to do the exercise regime necessary for better help.  I cannot control what people think but I am trying to be open an honest about this journey.

The past month I have been counting the carbs as a way to lose the weight needed to lose for the surgery.  I have, since this started a year ago, taken off 20 pounds which is what they wanted me to lose.  I have been hampered by the schedule I have, the joint problems from the RA and because I am the type of woman who does not lose weight quickly - never have been, never will be one of those 'don't eat bread for a week, lose five pounds' type of women.

I see myself a a Child of God I believe I must do what I need to do in order to be able to function properly; having inflamed joints, IBS and constant fatigue from the RA is interfering too much with my life.  Thank God for the idea of Redemptive Suffering, but I do not see how taking advantage of this medical procedure is bad or not Catholic.  I have gotten some interesting theological perspectives on weight loss surgery and while I appreciate the ideas being shared I do not concur.

Oftentimes I feel caught between the warring camps of the Catholic Church - the uber Catholics vs the Barely Catholics.  I believe all that Holy Mother Church teaches and proclaims.  I do not always agree with  the way individuals interpret those teachings.  When in doubt I go to the Catechism.

Anyway, I will be going to Marla's house at noon and I will give her money for Mom's party.  Then I will come home and collapse for awhile.  I am off work until Thursday night.

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