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Monday, September 19, 2011

God helps those who help themselves, right?

I met my goal weight today.

I had to lose 3.9 pounds.  I lost 3.4 and they are going to let me have a surgery date.  It is October 17, 2011.

This journey of weight loss has been one that has contributed a great deal to my spiritual growth.  Because I have had to look at how I treat my body, I had to look at what Holy Mother Church teaches about just that subject.  What I learned is that I am a temple of the Holy Spirit and I absolutely owe it to myself to live a healthy lifestyle.

I began doing this when I was 350 pounds and over the past several years was able to take 122 pounds off through diet and exercise.  Then I hit a wall that was just incredibly frustrating.  I would lose another twenty, stop a strict diet, eat normally and gain it all back .  I went up and down and up and down.  I was just so discouraged.

I resisted the idea of gastric by pass surgery because I thought I would not be able to live the lifestyle necessary after that surgery in order to maintain the weight loss.  THEN, I found out that there is another kind of weight loss surgery called The Sleeve.  You keep the muscles and digestive system intact but your stomach is made smaller.  You get to lose but it is slower and there is less chance of losing your hair or getting malnourished.  SO...that is the one I am going to get.

The process I have had to go through has been complicated.  I have had to go through therapy and I have to tell you that therapist has helped me deal with the verbal abuse from my brother.  Like I said, I still don't handle it well - I am batting .500 right now, having handled one confrontation really well and not doing so well on the other one - but it is amazing that during this latest meltdown I have not had to run out and eat my weight in chocolate or potato chips.

My prayer life has deepened because I have learned to rely even more on God as time goes on.  I have learned to appreciate my family.  My mother, especially, has been so incredibly supportive during this dieting stuff not to mention she is doing it while watching her only son act like a doofus.

I have become FB friends with Ryan's girlfriend and she sounds like a woman of grace and dignity. This does not surprise me.  His Mama, Pam, is a woman of grace and dignity.

Listen, I know that there have been times I thought Pam should do things differently but I have to admit right now before God and on the internet that she has made her entire life about her children and making sure they are properly launched into the world.  She does not drink or do drugs and her smoking is getting less and less and she is taking care of her physical health as well.  I am so proud of her.  I am proud to know her and proud to say, "She is my sister in law".

My wonderful friends - Lee Anne, Patty, Claire - have been amazing in their support of my goal.  Denise, my Southern Sister in Sobriety is saving clothes for me and Marla? What can I possibly say about Marla?  She has encouraged me over and over and over....

I have good friends, a fabulous family and people in my life that love me when they don't have to - and I believe this is because God has His arms around me as I walk this path.  I believe I am trying to make it about giving Him glory by becoming a healthier Leslie.

I get to go to RCIA tonight.  I then get to go to work.  I am so happy.


chimakuni said...

WOW!!! You have come a long way from the 350!! Leslie, I have always been proud - is that okay? - of your discipline and determination - but I had no idea you had worked as hard as you have ... WOW!!!

I am so proud (yah) to call you my sister...and so happy for you. Love you -

Leslie K. said...

thank you, Sissy. Again, I am convinced that all the ups and downs of the past four or five years can be directly traced to my ability to either accept God's Will in my life or fight it because I have a better idea. Being a Catholic, walking this walk, has allowed me to grow. I may not have all that I want, but I have all I need.