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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Today Steubenville and tomorrow - social media mogul?

I just finished a seminar with Carson Weber from the diocese of Sacramento ( on Catechesis and the New Media.  As with most seminars I take while at the St John Bosco Conference, I am all fired up to revamp this blog and start using it as a means of effective catechesis.

Of course you realize, dear reader, that if I do that I won't get to complain about my family situation that much if I actually decide to make a concerted effort to do more with what Franciscan University has taught me than just teach RCIA on Monday nights.

Oh yeah - btw - I did it!  I got to walk across the stage and hear the applause!  I completed my course instruction.

GOOD NEWS - and now, back to work. 

Let's see what the new Catechist comes up with in the next few months!

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chimakuni said...

Congratulations my dear Modesto Sissy!!! I am so proud of you!