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Thursday, June 23, 2011

St Thomas Aquinas

To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.

- St. Thomas Aquinas

As more and more information comes out about the situation with Father Corapi, a few things are becoming clear to me.
1)  It is going to be difficult to be able to criticize him without getting slammed by his supporters.
2)  People are truly hurt - I mean WOUNDED - by his decision to leave the priesthood.
3)  It is going to be difficult to be supportive of him without getting slammed by his detractors.
As I have stated in my previous blog posts, I am truly puzzled by his course of action.  I know how painful it is to be falsely accused.  I know how frightening it is to be stalked - both online and in the real world.  I understand all of that, I really do.
However, the shoulders I stand on as a Catholic are the shoulders of Martyrs and Saints who let people kill them rather than deny the Truth of the Catholic Faith - The Eucharist, Right from Wrong, the existence of The Triune God.
I have a standard of behavior to live up to as a practicing Catholic and it does not include quitting because there have been tough times for a year, or four and a decade...good Lord, those priests in prison in China because they will not stop being priests, or who spent decades in Gulogs or in exile...come ON now...
When I was drinking and drugging, 19 years ago, I walked away from my Catholic heritage and then wondered why no one thought I was worth anything at all.  I gave up at the drop of a hat.  If there was the least bit of resistence to my goals or desires or wants then I just dropped to my knees and wimpered.
Today, because of the Sacramental Life, I do not have to do that anymore.  Not only can I stand strong in the face of hatred and lies and injustice, I can do so with the knowledge that I am just one of many in a long line of people stretching back 2000 years - a line of people who stood up to tyranny and said, "Tough toe nails...that is my God, that is my Church and that is Truth.  You don't like it? Kill me".
Like St Thomas Aquinas, I don't think this has to be an either/or situation - either you are with Father Corapi or you are against Father Corapi.
I think it can be both/and:  I can be with him...and want him to plant his feet on the Rock and say, "Go ahead..bring it on...this is one priest you are NOT going to destroy".
And with that, I continue to pray.

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chimakuni said...

I lost your blog for too long!!!

I too am concerned with Father Corapi walking away from his vocation. Even if the allegations against him are true, so what? Even if the allegations against him are founded on partial truth and partial falsehoods, so what?

Men fall - God never - if Father Corapi did fall, there is no reason why the Church, after her investigation of him, would not continue to welcome Father with open arms - in fact, they already do - he was just suspended from saying Mass and hearing confessions - Oh dear, we must pray for Father Corapi and all other priests...