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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My thoughts on Father Corapi

The above link will take you to the odd and rather bizarr - o -world announcement made by Father John Corapi the night before the 20th anniversary of his ordination into the priesthood.

I have had several people ask me my opinion on this turn of events and, frankly, it has taken me awhile to be able to get my thoughts in order.

I am saddened.  I am shocked.  I am confused.  I am a little bit angry at him for giving up and taking matters into his own hands.

And I am absolutely convinced that nothing happens in God's Universe by mistake.

Just as I have no influence over that strange little man, Wayne2008, over at The Swarm (he is absolutely convinced that Catholics killed MILLIONS of Baptists after Constantine legalized Christianity and nothing, I mean nothing short of a direct communication from Jesus Christ will convince him he is wrong - and even then he would argue with Our Lord), I have no influence over this middle-aged, alcoholic/addict who has taught so many people about the Truth of the Catholic Faith.

His influence on catechises has been tremendous.  The man has done well, done better than most to teach Catholics the beauty of their faith.  Many people returned to the practice of the One True Faith because of the teaching methods employed by Father Corapi.

It would be wrong to deny his good work - just as it would be a lie if I told you I think what he is doing is right.

To throw a tantrum and leave the priesthood after four months of suspension - deserved or not - smacks of ulterior motives on his part.  He leaves more questions than answers and he is headed for a huge fall if you ask me.

It is as though Jesus lead him to a Cross and said, "This is where I want you to unite yourself with Me" and he went , "Yeah but I won't be able to be on television anymore if I do that!" and he left.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen, who won Emmy awards for his work on TV, fell out of favor towards the end of his life.  The public rejected him as old-fashioned, people did not flock to hear him preach any know what he did?

He visited Catholics and non-Catholics in old age homes, hospitals, institutions.  He said Mass every day, heard confessions privately and conducted himself with grace and dignity.  He smiled with love on all of us to the very end, out of the limelight and away from the applause.

He is a saint.

Padre Pio was restricted in his ministry by his Bishop for a long time...and he bore that suffering with grace and dignity.

He is a saint.

John Corapi, he of the television show on EWTN and the grand speaking engagements where 10s of thousands of people show up, has been asked to not sue the woman accusing him of inappropriate conduct so that the investigation can go through without her being under undo pressure.  He has refused, stating that to do so means he is giving up his 'civil and human rights' and that she will be able to make her accusations without any 'downside'.

Do you want to know what he is suing her for?

Defamation?  Slander?  Libel?


He is suing her for violating the confidentiality clause all the employees of Santa Cruz Ministry must sign....and under Canon Law she cannot be deposed if she is under undo pressure from civil authorities...this is a result of that Inquisition thing we are always having thrown in our face.  The Church never tortured anyone..the civil authorities did and then we would show up and extract our 'confessions'. 

And NO Wayne, MILLIONS were not killed during the Spanish YOUR history.

So the question becomes, is John Corapi being asked to give up his civil rights or is he being asked to hold off so the Church authorities can do their job?

I loved listening to Father Corapi.  I will miss his shows.  I will not be a part of this weird cult thing he is starting because it smacks of rebellion against true Authority and it feels hinky.

I was taught a long time ago, that if something feels hinky, it is hinky...that is the truth.

And The Truth shall set you free.

For a much better analysis of this who situation, may I suggest going to the National Catholic Register and reading the piece done by Jimmy Akin?  He is a marvelous writer,  man of wit and humor and a Catholic Out Loud. 

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