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Friday, September 10, 2010

Interesting turn of events

Trusting God and telling the Truth seems to be working out just fine for this Catholic girl.

A series of blogs on The Hive have helped to boost the visibility of the reasonable-ness of Catholicism. As a result, and what always happens, those who adhere to heresy are made to look a little off-kilter.

Those who adhere to Truth, who believe the ends does not justifies the means, that somethings are simply wrong, that they do not have the ability to determine who goes to other words, faithful Catholics...end up appearing just as they are: reasonable.

Because Faith without Reason is not faith; rather, it is a kind of hysteria.

That does not mean that sometimes I feel a bit hysterical. I get very worked up over the outright weirdness of the entire civilized world being held hostage by a religion that states it is a religion of peace and if you don't believe us, or you offend us, we will kill you.

And I am SSSSOOOOOOO tired of having people bring up what secular-power-driven-nut-cases from the Middle Ages (who happened to be Catholic because that was the ONLY Christian Church one COULD belong to at that time) did in terms of murder, intrigue, progroms, etc.

Because here is my argument: anyone with a third grade reading level can look at those actions, point at the Teachings of Holy Mother Church, and say, "THOSE people were BAD Catholics".


Because there is a standard by which all Catholics are judged. It is darn easy to figure out when one of us falls flat into the mud puddle and needs a good washing.

But a religion - and I don't care if it is Islam or Latter-Day Saints - that promotes lying to 'gentiles' or 'infidels' in order to win a battle (either verbal or physical) - means, by virtue of that teaching, that NONE of those members can be trusted.

I think that weirdo pastor guy in Florida is a nut. I do...and I am so grateful my soldier is not in Afghanistan right now. That jerk put our boys and girls in uniform at risk because he wanted to get some publicity for a 'church' that doesn't even have enough members in it to be a good size picnic.

BUT - why hasn't anyone addressed the fact that when something like this hits the airwaves, our first concern is that we won't be KILLED or ATTACKED by people who adhere to this so-called religion of peace?

Catholics have had their Churches burned to the ground, nuns raped, priests mocked and murdered, orphanages destroyed, artwork defaced, sanctuaries defiled....and the most our enemies can expect from us?

Prayers and forgiveness.

Explain to me, once more: what is RIGHT about this picture?

Tomorrow night I speak in Stockton. It is a fitting way to honor Father Mychal Judge, victim of the terror attacks of 9/11, priest, martyr, American and 25 yr sober drunk.

Rest in Peace, Father.

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