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Sunday, August 8, 2010


On Monday morning I begin day shift.

It is a weird situation at work. It is an even weirder (but ironically funny as only a Catholic or person in sobriety would really understand) situation in terms of my personal life.

All of management is getting punished for not performing properly and up to standards. Now, I could whine and moan and protest but the reality is I am a part of the management team and so I take responsibility for what the management team did - I took the pay, I pay the price.

So, in its infinite wisdom, the powers-that-be have determined that the solution to the problem of lousy supervision on Day Shift is to move me there, keep E on swing (we would have the most employees to supervise) and put the new person on graveyard in about three weeks (after two weeks of training. poor thing).


My friends have come through for me in a huge way - I have places to stay during the week which will help with losing the graveyard shift differential and on the commute. I lose my homegroup in Modesto but will be able to return to Modesto on Monday nights to teach and on the weekends.


Here is the funny part - I had just completed a fifth step with my sponsor. We had agreed upon a course of action for me in terms of my personal life - to ask my late husband to guide the right man to me. She asked me to make a list of what I want in my life in terms of a spouse:
1. faithful Catholic
2. loving and affectionate
3. fun to look at
4. good sense of humor
5. a widower (it means he stayed to the end of the relationship)
6. financially set so that I can retire and pay my student loans with my pension money
7. children that are either grown and launched or about to be launched
8. children that love me and do not resent me
9. doesn't have to be a sober member of the 12 step group but is not a heavy drinker and is supportive of my work within that fellowship.
10. loves dogs and cats
11. loves to travel
12. owns his own home and wants to share it with me as his wife - not just a roommate.
13. is healthy but not a health nut
14. loves music and the theater and to dance
15 loves to go to football games - Cal and Niners, preferably

Anyway, the idea is that I list my wants and give them to God with the idea that He knows my wants AND my needs. I trust in Him, that He will give to me what HE wants me to have and that while I can hope and pray ultimately I must be willing to say, "Whatever Lord, You are in charge".


So I started the prayer discipline (dearest Fred, if it is God's Will, would you guide me to the right man? thank you, sweetheart. I love you).

A week later I get word I am being switched to day shift.

Now, if I trust in Jesus then I better be willing to say, "THANK YOU LORD".

Because wouldn't it be funny if.......

Please pray for my friend Joe Mc. He lost his beloved brother.

Please pray for the family of Chaz B. - he was brutally murdered.

Thank you for all of your prayers.

Being a widow woman in today's world is pretty interesting.

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