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Monday, July 5, 2010

Loving the human - Hating the evil

I am so happy - the past few days have been amazingly restful and despite the continued weirdness of the StanfordandMaudlin Show over at The Hive, life is pretty nice. We had a lovely Fourth of July and we got to talk to Ryan on Skype for about five minutes.

Ryan will be deploying towards the end of July, he thinks. It has been a real roller coaster ride of emotions around his deployment. We know he is going, that's not the problem. It's WHEN is he going to deploy. I think, for me, once he is there I will be able to just concentrate on praying for his safe return. Right now I find myself praying he gets all the training he needs and maybe some extra before he takes off for Afghanistan.

WORK is the goofy place right now. We are down so many people and our poor staff is working so many hours. Trying to get them properly scheduled so people get some days off and all the shifts are covered is a horrendous task. E feels stretched to the limit and V seems almost adrift in the confusion. We are going to get some payroll training this week. I go back to work tomorrow night, am off after training on Thursday, then work a regular week and then go on vacation.

And vacation will be wonderful. I will get to work one day with Debbie on my step work, then take off for Ohio to Stuebenville for the Bosco Conference.

I always feel renewed after we return from Bosco. It is like having the light of our Faith fanned into a fire.

So tonight, I pray for the conversion of Stanford and Maudlin so they can find another way to amuse themselves that does not involve hating me. How tiny their lives must be that they think about me every waking moment. Lord, I am not worthy to receive You but please, heal these two sad men from the evil they practice.

And please keep my Ryan safe as he serves his country.

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