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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Robert Stanford and George Maudlin

Tonight, on the Modesto Bee blogsite, Robert Stanford and George Maudlin have begun a terror campaign against me. Using the names of AshleyAllbright and someone named CHOW they have posted my name and where I work, accusing me of using my position at work to get information on people.

Not only are they both being totally taken over by evil, they have made an accusation that could cause me harm.

Now, the fact that I cannot GET this kind of information through my job means nothing - they have gone too far.

I am so sad...these are two very disgusting men. They truly believe they have a right to destroy someone simply because of my religion and because I would not date a married man? sick sick sick

Please keep me in prayer. This will have to turned over to my attorney and I hate this kind of fight, but they have now crossed the line.


Robert Stanford said...

You know what is really sad? That you make assumptions on who is behind screen names. I have no time or interest in harassing you or anybody and neither does George. You should really pull back on the online slander.

Leslie Klinger said...

It has been two years, Mr. Stanford. During that time, Mr. maudlin was spoken to by two mutual friend, an IP address was traced to his pace of business AND oddly enough the harassment STOPPED. It has been TWO YEARS, sir. My goodness, let it go.

Robert Stanford said...

But it is still on the internet. I cannot speak for Maudlin, but I can speak for myself. I admire you and would not do such a thing, even if I did not.