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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Madmen and Materialists

GK Chesterton wrote, and I am paraphrasing, that a rational person is always going to be at a disadvantage when arguing with a lunatic. This is because the lunatic, unlike the rational person, never doubts themselves. They have a 'terrible clarity of reason' which allows them to hone in on certain facts that, when pieced together, make up a puzzle of perfect dimensions. They can never be dissuaded, they are incapable of self-examination, they are, in effect, far more able to defend their position because they cannot imagine that there IS another position.

Unencumbered by even basic morality, the madman can attack and attack and attack. And while the rational person will attempt to placate, to love, to be kind, to be stern or even to outright ignore, eventually the madman will achieve their goal. Their goal may be terrible, inane, beautiful or ugly but it will be achieved simply because the madman cannot be denied.

Point out their madness to them and they will take great umbrage. How could anyone think they are anything but right? RIGHT? RIGHTRIGHTRIGHTRIGHT!!!!! They are the victims, the holder of truth, the righteous defender of all that is glorious. And anyone, be it woman, child or little animal, dare to oppose them by word, look or deed that creature is doomed.

So the rational have no real defense.

We think we do - we think we can persuade or at least calm them down. We even treat their requests with respect and dignity. Not post on your blog? Of course, George. I will honor that request. Never speak to you again, Robert? Well, ok. I understand and will honor that request.

When the horrible accusations begin, on the Internet, that I am abusing my position at work, that my husband died of a drug overdose, that I think I am holier than others, that I am addicted to drugs, and on and on and on I try to protect myself. I contact the Modesto Bee, politely request that the offending posts be removed. They were. They are back. I have no doubt they will be removed in the morning.

What is so sick about this is that if you were to ask either one of these men if they have been victims they will loudly proclaim that they have been vilified - called mentally ill (I posted the opinion that anyone who creates fake names in order to post nasty, untruths about others is nuts and I hold to that) and accused of doing things they haven't done (like post under fake names). They will weep, cry and gnash their tiny bloody fangs over the myriad of injustices done to them. No one believes them. Everyone laughs at them. They can't hear the laughter. Instead, they just wag their virtual genitals at everyone in an ape-like gesture of defiance. They are right Right RIGHT and do NOT suggest to either one of these people that what they are doing is just plain odd.

I have tried working with them and tried going away. Going away seems to be the only option left to me at this point. In that I have to say the madmen have won. Good for them. Maybe they can zip up their flies now and go back to flinging feces at other people.

As Chesterton said, it is impossible to have a reasonable argument with a madman simply because reason itself is absent. I have, to my chagrin, been beating my head against a brick wall trying to play by the rules with people who constantly change the game. The best, and honorable, thing to do is get out of the game.

I think, during my prayer time tonight, I got my answer. Jesus does not want me to be thrown to these two lions. He has better things planned for me.

It is sad. I was learning something about economics from one person there and another person was talking with me about Russian Orthodoxy. That is now over. These two people have taken a beautiful place and turned it into a cesspool.

Well, maybe that's part of the plan. God may want all the loving people out of the water for now.

Please keep both of these people in prayer. They need the grace of God in their lives. I, on the other hand, need to just stop playing with the madmen and say good night.

Good night.

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