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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Week with my Soldier

Every bit of wisdom offered by family and friends has turned out to be spot on. My soldier, PFC Ryan E Shaw, is leaner, quieter, funnier, more confident, walks with pride and simply lets the goofiness that can be his family roll off his back. I am thankful and I am amazed - and on his dog tags he listed Roman Catholic as his religion.


The two days of ceremony at Fort Benning, GA was full of tears, smiles and lots of "YIIPPEEEE" and "HOORAH!!!". The men all looked so sharp. I got to meet my two soldiers I have been writing too besides Ry and got big hugs.

We went through the National Infantry Museum and I was stunned. It is a beautiful place, well worthy of our support. The types of exhibits they have trace our military heritage and the need for recognition of the bravery of the Infantryman from the Revolutionary War to today. They are the ones who take 'the last 100 yards' - but they are also Army Recon...and they often 'plow the road' for the Army and Marines who come in behind them. They are the first in and the first to get hit...and my heart was so full of pride, fear and pain I could hardly speak.

OK - let me tell the truth: I could NOT speak. I just went outside and sat very quietly by myself....and cried and prayed a decade of The Rosary. My faith is strong. It is stronger than my fear.

I have been advised to post one innocuous blog on The Hive. I did so and the response has been positive. LOM has been flat out warned to his face by several of the men that they know who he is and what he has said and what he has done. He has denied every bit of it, as I expected him to do; however, it does not matter. He knows we know and we know he knows....and it is duck season, not rabbit season...

This morning, Father Tom from St Patrick's Parish in Phenix City, Alabama (no, that's how they spell it here), is picking me up for Mass. Last night four women from my 12 step group showed up and we had a meeting in one of the empty 'conference rooms' at the hotel.

Yesterday we went to Atlanta and went through the Atlanta History Museum

It has been a full week. I am so longing for The Eucharist. I need to get away from this group and be with my Catholic Family. I am exhausted, I am sad, I am grateful, I am proud.

Jesus, I trust in YOU.


AbstrACT said...

Such fantastic news to hear that your nephew is doing well and working on his spirituality.

I am also glad to hear that some of your friends have confronted GM. This is however, going to be the time when you will feel that may be going crazy.

As he scrambles to keep or repair what's left of his reputation, you are going to experience momentary lapses of reason that will allow you to doubt what you have seen or read with your own eyes. An when it happens, shoot me an e-mail girlfriend because you're not alone!

Kathi said...

Congratulations! again to Ryan, and hope he will have a lovely visit home before his duty station orders!
and love and hugs to you,aunty Leslie:)

Janey said...


Thank you for your post about the National Infantry Museum. We are so proud we can honor our soldiers here! Please come back and visit us again.

Jane Bayer
Associate Director of Development
National Infantry Museum & Soldier Center