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Monday, April 19, 2010

One and a Half More Days

Wednesday morning is leaving-for-Georgia Day.

Ryan called on Saturday and I actually got to talk with him! He completed everything and, after graduation, will be participating in 2 and 1/2 weeks of advanced training. I am pretty sure the advanced training consists of jumping out of a fully functional and perfectly good airplane.

Today. at the 7am meeting, LOM showed up. Jay, one of the local gurus (and someone LOM invoked during an online tirade) was also there. In fact, he had just gotten through telling me that he was under the impression LOM had moved out of the area. When he walked into the meeting, Jay looked shocked...and he got his number. Later, he suggested to me that I ask my sponsor what she thinks about Jay trying to set up a meeting. His idea is for the two of us to sit down with LOM and explain to him the harm he is doing to himself, to our twelve step program and to me.

So, I will talk to my sponsor about it during my call-in time tomorrow. I am conflicted.

I want to confront him and say, "what the HECK do you think you are doing, you crazy drunk?". However, I do not expect him to admit his 'crime'. In fact I expect him to deny deny deny.

I wasn't there.

It wasn't me.

I wasn't the only one.

I will talk with my sponsor and pray about it. Nothing will be decided until I get back from Georgia anyway so.....

Tonight I taught about the Apostles and about shaping one's prayer life.

It is weird - I know in my head all the right things to do. I rarely do them without a gentle reminder - prayer and trust.

Prayer and trust...that's my role in this whole weird stalking thing. I have to make a decision, take an action and put the results in the Hands of My Father.

Pray for me....and pray, please for LOM. He is a sad and silly man who has caused a lot of pain.

I can't wait to see my soldier!


Kathi said...

Congratulations! to Ryan!!

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