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Monday, March 22, 2010

Words of Wisdom about Health Care

I wish I could offer rich, deep, spiritual words of wisdom about the Health Care bill just passed. I wish I could hit the prescribed Catholic Talking Points with vigor and conviction.

Today I cannot do that - because I am so damn sickened by what happened, and am trembling to think what Heaven must think of all of us....did I pray enough? Did I fast enough? I thought I had given all this to God - so, if I do Trust Him then don't I think I need to trust Him now?

Well, sure...but I am so angry to be in a country that believes the proper use of the gift of Free Will is making a decision to kill inconvenient children and that the proper way to make one's beliefs known is to yell epitaphs at elected officials and I am flipping TIRED of the same ol'arguments as to how we need to trust the government...

I work for the government. I am the government. I...I...I...

oh, forget it.

Look, I think it is great that people can keep their adult kids on their health insurance for longer and I hope that the price of prescription drugs get lowered for seniors but I have a real problem with federal funding for abortions. I know about the executive order that is promised but the reality is the abortion industry makes millions - if they want to give away abortions to poor women in order to 'protect their rights' they can do it without my money, just like pharmaceutical companies can stop charging medi-cal 5 grand for a Tylenol.

I am tired of people like Nancy Pelosi making incredibly STUPID comments about what Catholic Feast Day it is and exposing The Church to even more scandal than those idiot psychiatrists did back in the 1960's and 70's. You know the ones, right? They are the professionals who assured us all that pedophiles can be cured and that cocaine is not addictive. Yeah, thanks for that - thanks for telling us that keeping things quiet is better for the victims so that during Lent, when The Church is focused on the Paschal Mystery, scandal after scandal can break in Europe where Christians are dwindling in number but, gee, there are less abortions....20% less in 'God-less France' as Michael calls it.

wonder why?

Michael Moore seems to think it's because abortion is legal and on-demand and free....of course, if he used his HEAD, he would have to consider the changes in Europe in the past 125 years. He might have to confront the fact that there is a population change going on - a growing group that HATES abortions and HATES artificial birth control and is hardly God-less...and trust me, Michael, when that group gets its European Education and starts its subtle campaign of social engineering you will LONG for the day you can write about what you want without having to barricade yourself inside your mansion for your own protection.

But I am probably a right wing fascist right I will shut up.

Ultimately, of course, I do trust God. I trust that what is happening everywhere - war, famine, apparitions, ability to start a business in a small Indian village because of a micro-loan - is happening without mistake. God's Universe is His Universe and I do believe that we will have another run at living our faith in the morning. We will be allowed, for now, to try and reach out to men and women and try to reassure the populace that, while we may not be GOOD Catholics we are Catholics who TRY to be good Catholics.

I am a good woman, trying to be a good Catholic, and I am not good at it...but I am trying...every day, I am trying.

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chimakuni said...

okay - heard on the news this morning - so it must be true? - social security has run out of money - and what is to blame? Why, of course, those pesky folks who are out of work - not abortion, not contracepting so that families only have two children - no, those pesky out of work people.

We told them - and we continue to tell them ... but there are none so blind as those who refuse to see...