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Thursday, March 18, 2010

St Patrick and St Joseph

I arise today through a mighty strength, the invocation of the Trinity, through belief in the Threeness, through confession of the Oneness of the Creator of creation.Salvation is of the Lord. Salvation is of the Lord. Salvation is of Christ. May Thy Salvation, O Lord, be ever with us.


When someone doesn't have a good father it is difficult to imagine how a good one acts.

I have always thought of St Joseph as a 'good father'. Heck, he was quite a gentleman if you think about it. First he agrees to be the husband of a pious and sweet little Jewish girl, probably expecting an average life, only to be told that he is to be the guardian of the Ark of the New Covenant.

No increase in pay but a great retirement plan for all eternity.

Still, I wonder what type of father he was? Did he ever lose his temper or wish he didn't have the Lord of Lord to provide for every day? Did he ever wonder if he had made the right choice or long for the days of carefree bachelorhood?

And St Patrick - that pushy Roman kid from Scotland who drove all the snakes out of Ireland - did he ever just wake up on a cold, wet, dreary Irish morning and think, "I could have been a singer."?

Probably not.

It's my Friday today. I am fighting the incredible pain of RA all through my body. The doctor had suggested I try cutting back on the meds to see if I could go to a shot once a month rather than two a month and I am in so much pain all I want to do is sit and cry. I know I am supposed to welcome suffering but I have never claimed to be either perfect or a saint or even very holy.

What I am is an average Catholic Drunk trying to live her life according to the principles taught her by Holy Mother Church and her sponsor...and all I want to do is go to heaven someday.

The way I feel right now, I would not mind if it was tonight - except I would miss baseball season.

Do the saints in heaven watch the World Series?

Back to work......

1 comment:

chimakuni said...

Do the saints in heaven watch the World Series?

oh golly - that would be hell for me!!! I guess it depends on if a saint wanted to watch - or not!

so sorry you are feeling all the effects of RA - I too want to do anything to avoid pain - I will offer up my irritations for your pain, dear friend.

Love you