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Friday, March 5, 2010

tomorrow is the Baby's Birthday

Tomorrow, March 6, Ryan will turn 21 years old.

For the first time in his life, he will celebrate a birthday without his family singing 'Happy Birthday Cha-Cha-Cha' at the top of their collective lungs and slightly off key.

I wonder if he will miss us?

Judging from the letter we have received, he does and he does not. He misses us, but he loves what he is doing in the Army. As I predicted, he is thriving in the military life and one of the lovely letters I received from his Rack Mate (whatever the heck that is - I think it is the guy who sleeps below him or above him) Ryan is already gaining a reputation as the one who can be depended upon to take care of people.

I WISH he would still go forward with his Sacraments but you know what? The Holy Mother Church as been here for 2000 years. When he decides to come Home to Rome, She will still be here.

My friend, Patty Patrick, welcomed a new grandbaby into the world yesterday. On her blog - Abba's Little Girl - she has been posting a 'picture of the baby' (Jacob) in utero for the past nine months and now the little guy is here. It was a long delivery but the baby, mommy and daddy are doing just is Grammy.

My other friend, JDSissy, is watching her first grandchild get ready to move to another state - oh, yes, the parents are going too but when it is your first grandchild, let's face it, Mom and Dad are kind of an afterthought. She is so sad not to be able to have Baby Layla with her every day but understands Mom and Dad have to spread their wings a bit.

My friend Christine (her blog - Writer for the Lord) is having some medical issues. She is my favorite Catholic Writer and needs our prayers.


Oh heck, I am fine. I miss my Ryan and I miss having a life that includes daylight more often but I am fine.

God takes good care of me. My addition of the Stations of the Cross to my prayer life during Lent has given me an added appreciation of the power of Redemptive Suffering. I am getting more 'ok' with the slings and arrows that come my way, though I am not quite saintly enough to stand there and invite those blows. That's one of the reasons I have steered clear of The Hive right now.

The big trial in StanCo has been the sexual harassment suit brought against the SO by a former clerk. The jury came back and she lost, and so the accusations of jury tampering, evidence tampering, outright fraud etc have begun on that interesting little slice of American Cyber Space. I refuse to even post there right now. I know that, if I do, the crazies will start up about how I am part of the conspiracy because I work in LE and I work in Records.

Now, I guarantee you that will happen no matter what I write on: if I write on Monty Python and the affects of English Comedy in the 1970's on crop rotation in Argentina, the crazies will attack me as a member of the vast, LE conspiracy against anyone and everyone. Then my name will be posted, I will be called a addict and it will be alleged that I have been banned from buying frozen yogurt and dog food in the Central Valley because I am such an awful woman.


Of course, if I was really ready to be a saint (right this minute) I would WELCOME the suffering that comes from being the obsession of a crazy person.

But I am not a saint....I'm just a widowed, Catholic, sober, fat, Scotty lover....and I just want to be left alone.

Unless you are John Cusack or Keanu Reeves, at which point I would like to have a conversation with you.

Happy Birthday, Ryan! Your Army Auntie loves you~

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