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Thursday, October 22, 2009

This is what a man of GOD writes?

I posted the other day about releasing myself from the need to be Hip and how it is possible to find God in every aspect of life, even those goofy fan magazines. I mean, let's face it: how can one not look at the 'before surgery' and 'after surgery' photos of someone like Lindsay and think, "ACCCK! LEAVE GOD'S CREATION ALONE!"?

The LOM who believes Jesus is a Baptist (I'm sorry, that is just so odd) wrote this:

This man of God wrote:

There's a gallon of Vodka waiting for you, down at the corner liquor store.
Heck, you might as well since you claim teen magazines are on par with the Holy Bible.
When a damn bursts, it starts from a small waterhole then it gets bigger. Just by saying that you are one step forward to becoming a raging alcoholic.
Snap out of it ! Who is your master ?


There is something seriously wrong with this man. He is so filled with rage and anger, so blinded by hatred, that he cannot read a post correctly and cannot even interpret someone's writings.

So, what does this mean for a Catholic?

St. Peter wrote that we need to always be ready to give an account (or defense )of our hope, meaning (of course) that as Catholics we need to know our Faith well enough to be able to explain it to those who do not understand. Fair enough. However, St Peter went on to explain that we have to be willing to give this account even when to do so will cause us harm.

Now think about this: when our first Pope wrote that letter he was writing to the FIRST Christians, people who had nothing to fall back on but the teachings of The Apostles. The Church had only been founded for maybe 20 or 30 YEARS, not 2000! These people were facing death and torture because they believed in transubstantiation, in communal care for each other and most importantly they believed in the idea of loving their enemies no matter WHAT they did to them.

It is easy to forget the historical realities of the Early Church, especially in light of the narcisistic culture promoted today. Avoid suffering at all cost! Do not grow old! Don't stop looking like you're 23! Have money and stuff!

Then, when someone like me writes a blog that jokingly looks at the trends that are passing her by and how she needs to remember to see God in everything and she is attacked by someone like this LOM she wants to smack him (verbally) and say, "You stop that right now, you big mean man!".

But I don't get to do that - I get to thank the young lady who defended me (thank you, Lady Goldie) and then I get to pray for LOM. He is in need of prayer, not in need of verbal slapping. And, from now on, I just ignore him.

But I never stop praying for him.

Please, you pray for him too....

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