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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I double dog dare you

Anyone interested in learning more about how people like me can stray and then come back and then come HOME should read this man's blog.

There will be an interesting campaign begining in December through the Diocese in Sacramento. I will be really looking forward to the reaction in Modesto. There are so many bigots and haters-of-Christians in the Central Valley that I am kind of braced for an avalanche of nastiness and fear. However, I know that in Phoenix this same campaign brought over 80k back to The Eucharist and Home to Holy Mother Church. I will not be surprised if the same kind of numbers manifest in California.

I am turning something over in my mind right now; something very personal and troubling. I may not share it here but I can share the process of discernment. There are, of course, good people who sometimes do evil things and there are plain old evil people. Because I do not see myself as being any kind of huge femme fatale or being so dagnabit attractive that I could tempt a good man to stray from a marriage - simply because I exist - I am wondering if I am dealing with an evil person.

So let me ask you all a question - how do you decide if the person doing something wrong is merely a good guy making a mistake or a dirty dog creepy guy?

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