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Sunday, September 13, 2009

what a weekend

Cal won on Saturday. Niners won today.

Oh and did I mention? Ryan, my nephew, enlisted in the Army on Friday.

Please pray for this young man. I am both proud and scared. I am so grateful that I have the Sacraments of Jesus Christ in my life or I would be trying to figure out how to stop him just because I am scared. Instead, I am determined to support and love him...but may I just say, I really wish he wanted to be a banker?


Kathi said...

"Proud and scared" sums up the feelings we had,too......One day at a time,Leslie! is how we get through it!!

Tell Ryan we are so very proud of him,also, for his decision to serve. And we will of course keep him in our prayers!
(and Hooah! for choosing the, not biased at all, am I? said the step-mom of an Army MP:)

Keep us posted on his progress , and you Know already....but give me a shout-out whenever you need a shoulder or a hug.

Leslie K. said...


One day at a day at a time...I'm an ARMY AUNTIE