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Friday, September 18, 2009

I am staying on track

I am finding the WW thing easier and easier to do. It is almost impossible to overeat if you write down everything. I get 25 points a day and 35 for the week.

The tough part is still finding time to exercise.

Ryan is stepping up to the plate, preparing himself for going into the Army in January. I am so proud of him. I know this seemed to many people to be a quick and impetuous decision. Maybe. maybe not - maybe he is being guided by the Holy Spirit to do something that will be a path towards his goal of entering the field of Law Enforcement. Maybe, just maybe, Ryan has taken his first real step to becoming a grown up.

And shouldn't that be encouraged?


So, I am now officially on board with the entire 'I enlisted in the Army' thing. I will get a bumper sticker for my car and I will wear khaki at appropriate times. I will pray the Chaplet of St Michael the Archangel once a week for all our Army Men and Women.

I will be Army Auntie, Queen of the Support Group.

Lord, have mercy.

On me.

A sinner.

1 comment:

Christine Trollinger said...

I will be Army Auntie, Queen of the Support Group.

You go girl. Love to have a picture of you in fatigues. LOL!