Sunday, August 30, 2009


Well, I am in 7th Heaven for a football fan - my Niners beat DALLAS! I know, I is pre-season and it doesn't count but oh you have no idea how wonderful it is to see us playing to the END of the game and trying hard not to look like big goofy people on the field. We have bragging rights over the Raiders for a year and we made Dallas lose at home...thank you, JESUS, for Nate Davis.

I had such a great Saturday. I got to spend time with Lisa and Clem. Clem was the main speaker at the CVI Legacy Day in Modesto. He delivers a powerful message of AA recovery and it is always a joy to spend time with Lisa because she is as nutty about the Niners as I, of course no one is perfect. The woman roots for USC. *sigh* However, recovery has taught me to love people in spite of their defects of character (tee hee) and she is pretty darn easy to love. Clem is also.

Now, the weird thing? My poor friend Robert may have shown up at St Joe's today and I may have looked right at him and not recognized him. If that is the case, mea culpa, Robert. May I please plead sleep deprivation?

LoM has seemed to calm down for now. I read some stuff today written by Anne, the Lay Apostle from Ireland, that reminded me of the call that Catholics have to love those who are unloveable. Then, on the way into work tonight, Father Corapi was on the radio and talking about how, when we are hated for being who and what we are, we are supposed to rejoice and accept the Crown of Thorns that is being handed to us by our persecuters. Easy for him to say - oh, wait! NO IT ISN'T! The man has been spat upon because he dresses in his priestly garb when out in the world. I guess he does know what it is like to be a disciple of Him who was spat upon by the world.

So, off to work. Please keep Chase in prayer. Thank you all for praying for me during that difficult, confusing time of persecution. You held me up.

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