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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to The Present

I was alerted to this book review by visiting the blog of Dr Beckwith. Please check it out:

Ok - so I am back to work and dealing with problems with one of our computer systems. It has been plaguing me since JUNE and no one seems to be able to give me a real answer as to how to correct it. Normally, I am a patient woman (stop laughing) but this is now making it impossible for me to complete some important tasks ordered by the court. AAUUGGH. There, I feel better.

The wedding in Boston was wonderful. The bride and groom are off to a wonderful start because they gave a great party. No, of course that's not it - they are both grounded in a love for The Creator. That is what is going to make it work, I think. They understand that love is a decision, an act of the will and long after the bells, whistles, gauzy decorations and pretty lights are gone the decision to love each other must be grounded in a love for God. Or all bets are off.

The other good news we got over the weekend is that we have a new member of the family. Baby Arata will be making his or her debut sometime next April. The proud parents are going to have a lot of people ready to grab up that new baby and smother him/her with love.

The bad news is that Baby Chase, the youngster who is fighting cancer, has been helicoptered to St Jude's after suffering a seizure. Spots were discovered on his brain. Please pray for him, and his family. We need to trust in Jesus and be willing to accept the Will of God, but please remember that there is a 'permissible will' at play here so do not be afraid to ask for a healing of this little guy.

Mom had her surgery yesterday (cataract) and it went really well. She was properly fussed over by her family and pampered. I think we drove her nuts. Too bad - she is very precious to us and by golly she is going to be spoiled whether she likes it or not.

I was thinking tonight as I prayed my Rosary how blessed I am as a Catholic to have access to The Real Presence in The Eucharist. I think about those who have offered to take the cause of Chase to Him during their daily Holy Hours and how blessed I am to have those powerful prayer warriors in my life. Even when I feel down or discouraged, the knowledge that all I need to do is pause and take my fears to Him is what keeps me going. Without Jesus, without The Eucharist, I am nothing....I am truly an empty gong.

So, Thank YOU, Lord for saving me from being worthless....