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Monday, August 17, 2009

Boston Nuptials

It was a beautiful wedding.

Natalie and Gordon became Mr and Mrs on Saturday, the Feast of the Assumption, in Cambridge/Boston area. The bride was beautiful. The groom was handsome and he cried. That says a lot about him. He is going to be a good husband.

Mom and I had a whirlwind trip, at one point finding ourselves 'trapped' in Dulles airport 'going to Mass' via the Internet (thank you, EWTN). That is not kosher, so to speak, but our intention was to be there and not waiting for constantly changing updates about our flight home to California. Both of us are planning on receiving the grace provided by the Sacrament of Reconciliation, however, because we did not attend Mass on Sunday.

There are those who would say this is unnecessary. Perhaps. I do believe that God has forgiven us because we are truly sorry and tried to do the right thing. However, Jesus Christ gave us a beautiful gift in the Sacraments and why would I EVER throw a gift like that back into the face of my Creator? After what He went through for me, it is the least that I can do.

This morning mom had her cataract surgery so I am not going into work until tomorrow night. She is a trouper, that woman, but she does not get her eye patch off until Wednesday so the first 24 hours it is better to have someone here.

I am going to go participate as a catechist tonight at RCIA. Please, everyone, keep me in prayer.

I am also going to ask for special prayers for two men I know - polar opposites but good men, committed to their beliefs. Robert and Jack do not agree with each other politically and both have been the object of extensive ridicule on The Hive for having the courage of their convictions. Robert is referred to as a loser, a liar, etc. Jack is accused of racism and called a hillbilly by people like LOM. Neither of them are any of the things they are called by those wackos on that site. I have found them both to be good friends and so I am asking, today, for all my friends to pray that they be called Home to Rome....I think they would benefit tremendously from being able to receive Our Lord in the Eucharist.

But then again - wouldn't we all?

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