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Monday, March 23, 2009

Trail of Blood

I hate to even have to take the time to address this issue; however, it has been brought up by a well-meaning fellow Christian posting on The Hive (no, not LOM the insufferable newcomer - he is not really a Christian. He is, however, a royal pain in the patootie) and being quoted. This poor guy loves his church (as well he should - it is a wonderful church) but he is convinced that Constantine started the Catholic Church and that Catholics have for centuries persecuted the REAL Christians and 'murdered millions' to keep the truth from being found out.

Here is what is always sad about this kind of stuff: use your head.

If the Catholic Church is that powerful, then how did some little doofus in small town America back in 1931 discover the evidence? Especially when he never left the states? Especially if the evidence has all been destroyed? Aliens? The Angel Mopheous? Ouija Board?

Good Lord.

Anyway, back in the 1930's a guy named Carroll wrote this pamphlet that claimed so trace the horrible misdeeds of the Catholic Church all the way back to The Bible (don't ask - no, he didn't say which Bible and which translation and blah blah blah) to PROVE that we had murdered millions to protect our power.

Many people read it and just thought it was incredible...until the real historians, many of whom belong to Mr. Carroll's denomination, started double checking his facts. Now they spend all their time apologizing and begging people of their church not to quote it, not to read it and for GOD sakes don't try and 'prove' anything with it. It is as embarrassing to them as some of the dumb stuff our priests and nuns and theologians have come up with over the past 2000 years...but you know what, the damage gets done so easily and all it takes is one idiot to undo all the incredible good done for centuries.

So I address this issue to dismiss it - using the Trail of Blood is as historically sound as relying upon the comic books of Jack Chick for your Church doctrine. Don't do it - hate us if you must but don't make yourself look stupid by quoting a book that has been repudiated by every real scholar of any standing.

We lost 5 police officers in Oakland over the weekend and our hearts are broken here. Please pray for the Law Enforcement community as we try to cope with this loss. It is so sad as to be overwhelming. Cops are not perfect, I know, but they are still the ones willing to make a traffic stop that could be the last thing they ever do on this earth. Please pray for their families, their children and their colleagues.

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