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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our hearts are broken and I am disgusted

Over the weekend we lost four members of our Law Enforcement community. Four Oakland PD officers were killed in the line of duty - trying to enforce traffice laws and trying to keep the community safe from a man who believed that the proper response to getting stopped for a traffic violation was to shoot the two motorcycle officers. Later, held up in the closet of his sister's apartment, he unleashed the power of an AK47 and killed two more officers.

In the past week, we have had one officer wounded for life (he will never walk again) and four killed.

Our hearts are broken.

Please keep the community in prayer. We are all hurting.

I also want to ask for prayers for my office. I know I made jokes about the spiritual 'path' E is on since her trip to Arizona to see her sister. Unfortunately I came in to work tonight and found books about speaking to your spirit guides all over our office. I immediately said The St Michael's Prayer and I am getting more sacred salt.

I do not need any flipping spirits in this office - I have enough trouble with the clerks I have to talk to, let alone some numb nut of a minor demon hiding my coffee cup. This woman has a guardian angel, why doesn't she use it? I tell you why. Guardian Angels are not nearly as groovy as 'spirit guides'. I know...I went through this....Oh man, am I feeling sorry for her.

SO...I am going to get a book about Angels and leave it here. Maybe she'll get the hint.

I am exhausted tonight. My RA has flared and it hurts to move. I just want to go home. I can't. I have one more week and then I am on vacation.


St. Therese, my beloved friend, you promised to spend your heaven doing good upon the earth. Please, shower E with roses because she is searching for love...and she has forgotten where Love lives.


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