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Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's been urged to link this to The Hive

Two friends of mine from cyber land have urged me to link this to The Hive. It's flattering and it is tempting, but I really have to think it through because we have three people there who are crazy. While I do not worry about what they might try and do to me, like the 4th Tradition of my 12th step program urges I cannot do anything without considering what it might mean to those connected to me. Specifically, I must consider my mother.

She is a hero in many ways - last night she took the call from the grieving mother of an active alcoholic and gave her my cell phone. I spoke to the woman for about 45 minutes, assuring her that she is doing everything right and the drinking is not her fault.....but the woman would not have gotten to ME if she hadn't been given the number (at 4am) by my MOM.

The three people at the Hive that I may need to protect my mother from are not just nuts. They have serious issues with mental health. One is a woman who regularly loses her mind, cyber screams at anyone who is Catholic and then claims to go to Mass on Friday nights only to be with the Mexicans because everyone else in the parish hates Mexicans. Now that is paraphrasing her claims, but the woman is nuts. If you point out to her that she has just 1)denounced the Church 2) claimed to be a member of the Church 3) made a sweeping generalization in the fashion she accuses the other members of that parish of doing she becomes verbally abusive, foams at the mouth and is just disgusting in her vocabulary.

She lives far away but I would be she has a drivers license.

The other two are little old men who like to consider themselves 'progressive thinkers'. However, one claims to have 7 months of sobriety while some of his rather recent late night posts are vicious and rambling (he posts under several names and claims it is part of his weird sense of humor. I agree with the weird part). He hates Catholics, misrepresents Church teaching all the time, makes weird definitive statements about the Holy Father and then seeks me out a 12 step meetings to apologize. He may be harmless. I don't know. I do know that men in the cups can do some strange things and my mother is home alone in the evening while I am at work.

The other little old man occupies himself by attending civic meetings, attacking anyone who is faithful in their religious beliefs (except for Jews - he is terrified of being labeled a racist or an anti-semite) and says things like, "Move to the Vatican" if he disagrees with someones political beliefs. This is the same man who would rather be found naked in a steam room with a Senator from Montana than ever utter the words, "Go back to Africa" to a Black woman like Dr Althea King or "Go back to Mexico" to Salma Hyak, but they are pro-life and one of them is very public about the genocide planned by Planned Parenthood and that she regrets her abortion. His style of racism and anti-Catholic bigotry is just on the edge and I would not put harassment of a woman who disagrees with him past his moral code. Anyone who would post that kind of overt hatred on the Internet for all to see would not be above burning a cross or two.

In my opinion.

Oh well....look, life is for the living and those people who have to attack someones size, their hair color or their religion in order to make a 'point' do not normally catch enough of the world's attention to matter much. I would feel differently, I suppose, if Ry was home more but he is spending a lot of time over at his mom's house in order to be more available for his little brother and I think that is an excellent idea.

Anyway, I will think about it...I will pray about it....St Therese, my beloved me with this decision and please present my other petitions to Our Lord so that He may do what is best for me, for my loved ones and for the fulfillment of God's kingdom here on earth.

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chimakuni said...

what about that German Shepherd that your mom got from that trainer?