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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Writing Writing Writing...and then taking a nap

ok...tonight I retooled the synopsis. It became necessary the more I worked on the screenplay. I started knowing more about the characters and now it's like they are sitting on the bed next to me while I type, saying "put in this part". I have been sober for a LOOOOONG time so I am pretty sure this is not a flashback. If it is, however, thank you God because it is the most fun I have had in ages.

I also just finished watching a new DVD I purchased by chance (ok, by mistake). The film is War,Inc. and if you have one OUNCE of humor in you this is a must see. It is dark and hilarious and not so bizarre - I think what always gets me about these kind of films is that there are at least two or three characters that I am sure I am working with right now in real life. I am almost certain E is the Vice President turned Corporate head.

Anyway, if you get a chance during this upcoming rainy weekend rent the movie. The language is rough but appropriate and the message will make you think, even if you disagree with the politics have the courage to ssstttrreeettcchhh your mind and look at stuff from the other side of the coin.

Besides, the scene at Popeye's Chicken is worth the price of the rental.


Now onto more important

I am going to be covering day shift next week. I have to come in early Monday, leave before traffic starts and go back to Modesto because I teach Monday night (hear that JH?). The topic is Original Sin. I have always been drawn to the Catholic Concept of Original Sin - that being we are wounded and trying to heal - rather than the Calvinistic view point which is we are all piles of dung being covered by snow. Yes, I have worked with people who have behaved like walking piles of dung; however, the truth is they are wounded. Terribly wounded. The tough part is many are refusing to heal.

Not me. I want to heal. I'm not sure I always do what is best for that to happen but I really want to be a fully human woman and not some nutcase in the back of the Church getting mad that the little kids are crying during the homily. I want to be the one up front, leaning forward to the priest can see I am listening...maybe, if he knows someone is really listening, he'll put his heart into what he is saying.

Besides, I ain't there for the homilies. I am there for The Eucharist and I am not being taken away from that by my own wounded nature any more.

So....I will teach Monday night. I will go into work early Tuesday morning and then I will stay in Concord until Friday night....then I will go home for the weekend and be back after Presidents' Day.

Hopefully I will still have a job.

Anyway, I am about to scan pictures into a report. They are lovely pictures of men with bloody lips and soon as I saw them I said, in my outloud voice, "Oh good, have another DRINK". My clerk started laughing and said, "Now how did you know that?"


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