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Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday in the Dog Pile

What a great, quiet weekend. It was just the thing I needed to prepare for the coming week. I am not really scared. That's the wrong word. I am a bit nervous, a bit anxious maybe but not scared. Instead, I feel a sense of "I can probably do this, as long as everyone cooperates and nothing bizarre happens." Having said that, and being a good Catholic girl, I would not be surprised if I haven't just jinxed myself and this is the week the electricity will go out, the plumbing will back up and all the drug dealer in the county will decide to go to war with each other.

I received the nicest compliment yesterday after Dismissal from Josh, the brainiac who decided to become a Catholic on MY watch. He is a very sweet and loving boy - too bad he is young enough to be my eldest child, but that's another story. Anyway, the man is a philosophy grad student, has actually read St Thomas Aquinas and told me after our little 'class' that he is in awe of my ability to weave practical life into the doctrines and dogma they have to learn. That is my goal. It's not often I reach my goals without pushing and pushing and trying and trying and to be doing something I absolutely LOVE to do (teach) and have someone say, "You hit that out of the park" is a gift from God. I thank Josh, and I thank God for that gift.

Over the weekend I got to watch the movies Martian Child and Grosse Point Blank and I am begining to think I should never meet some of the famous people who impress me so much with their performances. They cannot possibly live up to the people they portray. They are too multi-dimensional, too deep, too darn smart for a suburban Catholic Berkeley grad who really likes TV. I have decided that I should stick to action stars....that way, if I ever get a chance to meet them and it turns out they can read and drive a car, I will be delighted.

Well, the next group is on its way into work. Hang in there, Leslie my friend. We will overcome......

St Therese, my beloved friend, HELP!!!!!

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chimakuni said...

So glad that your brainiac philosophy kid gave you good feedback. Living Catholic Out Loud is easy when we surrender, time and time again, to Our Heavenly Father who has inspired saints and doctors of the Church. Your living example of all of those who have gone before, blessed with faith, is a true and wonderful testament to God, Our Loving Father.

I am so glad that you teach RCIA! Love you -