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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My DVD player LIVES!

Ok, sometimes God works in my life in the smallest of ways. His angels guide me in everything from shopping at the right store to deciding against my normal practice to read the directions before attempting to hook up a new device.

So, I discovered that the dvd player I thought was dead was merely hooked up wrong (I have no idea how it happened but I suspect I was trying to do some deep cleaning in the area about 4 months ago and unhooked, then hooked up, the machine.) and yesterday my copies of the first two Matrix movies arrived in the mail (both VHS versions). That's cool - I'll get the third one of the trilogy in DVD now that I know the dang machine is FINE.

I have completed two pages of proposed dialogue for the movie and will be opening up the new software I got for writing screenplays this weekend. I don't know how much I will be able to do at home but I am contemplating putting the software on my laptop so I can drag that around with me and write when the inspiration hits.

Tomorrow morning I go to the Oral Surgeon to see if the antibiotic treatment on the sore tooth did the trick. Hopefully, all that will have to be done is a repair of the root canal rather than yanking the tooth, doing a bone graft, installing an implant...blah blah blah to the tune of 8 grand.

Yesterday, we received notice from the clerks' union (local 2700) that the county is asking clerks to take a 7 percent pay cut. This comes from a county that gave its board of supervisors a 60 percent pay INCREASE last that is not a misprint. 60 PERCENT. I have no idea what my union is being asked to do but I fully expect that we will not get any raises and have to shoulder a bigger share of our health care costs. I think that is not only fair, it should be expected in these tough economic times. A pay cut would be fatal to me. I cannot take a pay cut and continue to commute to work, even with a hybrid car. Instead, I would have to find a way to live in the area at least 3 days a week.

27 more months. 27 more months. 27 more months.

I am following with interest an ongoing blog regarding the SO in Stanislaus County. There are some real problems over there, apparently, but nothing that strikes me as being unusual. The internal problems of any government agency are always sadly the same - too much work, not enough people and favoritism. It does not seem to matter if it is the Assessors Office or Health Services....

The government I work for just lost a discrimination suit at the federal level and it is interesting to see the lack of news coverage regarding the issue. I am not surprised. What we will start to see over here are a number of news articles that 'expose' the overpaid, under worked clerical staff of the local happens every negotiation and it's amazing when you think that Northern California has a strong union base. Still, whether times are tough or we are flush the old bogeyman of the lazy, union protected government worker looms large in the mind of the average citizen.

If I sell the screenplay AND win the lottery.....

The inauguration coverage was really impressive. I am so excited every four years, no matter who wins, to watch such a powerful nation have the peaceful transfer of power exhibited by the U.S. I get so discouraged by individual behavior - the childish name calling that goes on over at at The Hive is a horrible example of big people calling themselves Liberal and flinging verbal feces like monkeys at people they disagree with - that I can forget how very blessed we are with our system of government. Now, having been reminded once again why it is good to be American, I can turn my attention to making sure this government knows I am here...and that I matter as much as those who would tell me to shut up because my life experience does not fall into their idea of how a woman should think. It is amazing, is it not? No matter what, women are told to be changes, and yet it does not.

St Michael, defend us....we need your help!

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