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Sunday, January 4, 2009


I forgot to tell you all that I am grateful for Robert. He is a good man. And thank you for your offer, Robert! Someone got me the movie and it will be in my hot little hands Monday night. Today I am watching The Replacements because they remind me of why I love football.

"We must also learn to catch ourselves when we find ourselves ignoring the substance of things to pontificate about the form, or elevating our own tastes into standards of judgement over others, or - ingeneral - dousing the smoldering wick and crushing the bruised reed (cf.Mt 12:20)." .....Dr Jeffrey A. Mirus

Today is the Feast of the Epiphany and I have to go to work tonight. I tell you, I should be sleeping right now but of course I am not tired. I have an Epiphany Party to go to later and I am seriously trying to decide if I should be sick and not go to work.

Of course I won't do that, because it would not be honest and I will be damned if I will become one of those people who cannot make it to work on a Monday. I used to be that way when I drank. No more. I signed up for this graveyard thing and I will do the graveyard thing....and that's all there is to it.

My friend from the St James List, John Deere Sissy (all the Sissy's on the list have identifiers - I am Modesto Sissy), and I have been teasing each other about stalking John Cusak, Brad Pitt and/or Keanu Reeves. You know the best part? We are very funny, talented women and we are really cracking ourselves up..but we are clever! Every answer she sends me makes me laugh out loud, I enjoy it so much.

I am reminded, for a moment, of the speech Dustin Hoffman gave when he won the Oscar for Tootsie (I think). He made a point of talking to all of us 'would be's and 'wanna be's' out there because he reminded the people in the gowns and tuxes that there are a TON of talented people in the world and he was just one who got lucky.

I appreciate that kind of humility.

Today at Mass Father challenged us to pick one person to who we could be a blessing this year. I thought of E right away and that was followed by fear - I mean, if I try to be kind, charitable, open and friendly won't that mean getting kicked in the teeth over and over again? That's what happened all last year. Then I thought, perhaps if my motive was not to make things easier for ME but to be God's Light to this poor, fallen-away Catholic who needs the Sacraments more than she realizes right now maybe I would be more successful at softening her heart...which would, of course, make things easier for me.

I dunno. I have to think about it.

The question I raise to myself today is how do I bring my gifts to Christ? How do I present myself? Physically, mentally, can I be someone who is an attraction rather than a promotion and let others know that true freedom exists when one becomes a slave to Truth?

Pray for me!!!!

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chimakuni said...

Praying for you, you Catholic Out Loud...

Happy Epiphany!