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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kathi and Tony - HERO DELUXE

Above are links to an incredible blog by my friend Kathi. She and her husband Tony are real patriots, not just 'wave a flag' patriots - REAL patriots. Recently, my sister-in-Christ at the St James Group had shared a worry with me. A young man in her parish up in Northern California had died serving this country in Iraq. Word was out that the group of wackos from the midwest somewhere - the ones who went to the Mathew Shepherd trial and yelled 'God hates Fags!' at the man's grieving parents as a way to hasten the coming of the Lord (something I would think people who behaved like they do would want to put off for a LOOOONNNGGGG time)- were planning on showing up at the young man's funeral Mass to protest (apparently this is their 'mission' and I think it is a Satanic one). I asked Kathi if she knew the name of that group of vets who are bikers who show up to protect the families from these nut cases...not only did she know the name, she and Tony are members.

The Patriot Riders.

Anyway, on her blog she is sharing an incredible slide show of the wreath laying ceremony at Arlington. GO CHECK IT OUT!!!!!

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Kathi said...

Thanks,Leslie:) We're just ordinary Americans,though! just like ALL those people who showed up at Arlington yesterday!

We left Arlington with a beautiful sense of peace,it was such a humbling and uplifting project to be a part of in a small way.