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Sunday, November 30, 2008

The News Media Descends

Front page of the Modesto Bee, the latest buzz on The Hive, the subject of radio and television interviews and picked up on the AP wire....nope, not the murders in India, not the pillaging of a village, the exoneration of the Killer of Kosovo by The Hague, not the latest attacks against women in Dafur.
A letter sent by our pastor to parishioners at St Joseph's in Modesto.
In the letter, Father suggested that if someone voted for a pro-abortion candidate because that person was pro-abortion or pro-choice, or if they had put that issue below any other issue, then they MIGHT want to consider going to confession.
He did not state that voting for Obama was a sin, he did not state that voting for Obama meant you were going to hell, he did not preach against or for a specific candidate from the pulpit. He spoke only to what a well-formed Catholic Conscience should be about and how taking that into the voting booth means being unable to support someone who supports the murder of human beings simply for economic reasons, or because you do not like how they came into being, or because it may be inconvenient for you.
So, we have been under siege and I have just watched these people on The Hive, led by people who are anti-Catholic, misogynist bigots disguising themselves as Liberals (a trust Liberal would never support the killing of an innocent simply because that innocent cannot live without someone else's consent)....I have listened to people in the congregation wonder out loud if Father did this for 'political' reasons (yup, he is running for Pope...don't tell him it is not a democratic institution, this Church Jesus founded) and all in all it has given me a headache.
Or, I have a headache because I am not into my 27th hour without a cigarette and I want to eat the table, if it was covered in chocolate.
I went to confession Saturday night. I asked for forgiveness for my snarky mouth and meanness to Robert. I asked for forgiveness for my mean spirited thoughts about the Media - after all, Father pointed out, they are doing their job and have been very , very nice.
Today is the first day of Advent. May we wait with humble hearts for the baby in Mary's womb.....

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