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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am a very bad girl

"Therefore I [King Solomon] prayed, and prudence was given me; I pleaded,
and the spirit of Wisdom came to me. I preferred her to scepter and throne,
and deemed riches nothing in comparison with her, nor did I liken any
priceless gem to her;/ Because all gold, in view of her, is a little sand,
and before her, silver is to be accounted mire. Beyond health and comeliness
I loved her, and I chose to have her rather than the light, because the
splendor of her never yields to sleep. Yet all good things together came to
me in her company, and countless riches at her hands; and I rejoiced in them
all, because Wisdom is their leader, though I had not known that she is the
mother of these" (Wisdom 7:7-12).

I have been very bad. I have been posting on the topic of Prop 8 on The Hive with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek and the uber libs have lost their minds. Oh, that's not fair...not all of them. Just one of them. I am pretty sure PL gets it because she said she loves my 'didactic rants', so I know she knows I am having a poke at the moral relativist who just HATE having their reasoning turned against them in an argument. However, I have to confess that I am getting so much fun out of this that I need to stop. I will let 'them' chase me away for awhile so they will feel more secure.

What many of them do not realise is that each time they flip out over the idea of removing the word 'marriage' from the civil code completely, they are affirming a teaching of The Church. No, not the teaching on marriage. The teaching is actually around the idea that every human creature knows, just knows what is right and what is wrong. God writes it on our hearts at the moment of our creation. That's why, when people who will RAIL against organized religion or demand that us fanatics stay out of their bedrooms, or when they 'prove' that religion is wrong about marriage because the divorce rate is so high, they go CRAZY if you suggest that they are correct so let's lose the word from the civil code.

Deep down, they know that marriage is a holy state, something very valuable, something that God created so that He could be a part of the life of a married couple in a way both mysterious and awe-inspiring.

Natural Law always wins out, really, even when society does its darndest to deny it or to go against it.

Still, it is not very nice of me to have such fun at their expense. I don't owe anyone an apology because, despite the assertion of one that I am being insulting, I have not insulted them at all. I have exhorted them, I have prodded, I have even tickled them a bit but not insulted.

My point is that if they really REALLY care about civil rights (and they all claim this is a civil rights issue) then they should be able to gleefully and joyfully give up something so that all the citizens are treated the same. My suggestion? Give up the 'marriage license'....take that word off the document and call it the 'Civil Union Contract'. The government can still collect their fee and track the people, the inheritance rights and health benefits and tax breaks would still be in place...and then, for those who are inclined to get married, they can go to whomever they find to marry them and get married.

OH HEAVENS!!!! You would think I had suggested we all get naked and dance the hoochy-coo to the tune of Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head in the middle of the town square.

Does anyone have a town square nowadays?

They are really angry because I have so many dear, dear friends who are gay. Many of them are not just friends; rather they are members of my tribe, so to speak. We share the same goofy humor, the absurd notion that the world is cracked and therefore fair game for poking fun, enjoy a good laugh at our own expense and do not see the need to persecute anyone or each other because our religious beliefs differ. I know of two, no - make that three - people I would be willing to take a bullet for because I love them so much. Susan, Marcos and my buddy 'Two-Beer Bob' (called so because the man cannot drink for the life of him) who lives in New York.

I sang at Bob's wedding about 22 years ago. When this who thing started about 'gay marriage' I asked him if he and Tony were going to get married. "Oh for GAWD'S sake," he Bette Davis'd at me. "Has being sober made you lose your MEMORY??? You wore pink TULE, don't you reMEMBER?"

properly chastized, I told him I loved him and shut UP.

Now, not everyone is like Bob. I was, for a long time. If I felt married and the party had been good enough and the presents abundant then I was married. I know differently now, but if anyone was to try and tell Bob that he was not married because he does not have a piece of paper with a government stamp on it that says 'married' he would blow a cloud of smoke in their face, roll his elbow and stare them down.

God, I miss him.

Here's the cool part about my life. I have all these different people, different types, different views, different life experiences, running through it. The fabric is strong, the colors are different, the threads are all unique...and it is my life. I have people who understand why it is important to read St Theresa of Avila and people who believe that Eddie Izzard is a gift of the Holy Spirit. I have people who love football and people who chew tobacco and wear Tony Llama boots (before he became an evangelical pedophile cult leading weirdo). I have people who voted for John McCain and people who voted for Mickey Mouse and I have people who love me who don't have to because they are related to me.

My life today is really full and rich and flavorful - I have mean spirited people and those who do not like me. I have people who do not get my jokes....that's all well and good. Because I have a life today that is second to none.

How cool is THAT????

Thank you, Lord. Thank you thank you thank you.


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