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Friday, September 26, 2008

I have had it with The Hive

Some of you are aware that this is not my only blog. I try to be active on a site run by my hometown newspaper The Modesto Bee ( and I blog under the title Redemptive Suffering.

I began to be active on The Hive about 2 years ago. At that time there was a good dose of healthy debate on various topics ranging from the legalization of marijuana to religion and politics. Sometimes the discussions became heated, and often people would take personal swipes at each other but nothing was particularly over the top in terms of attacks or name calling. It was a stimulating enviornment, prone to goofiness and silly thinking but still a fun place in which to post ones musings and thoughts on the world around us.

Lately there has been a downsizing of sorts and a woman named Debra is no longer the site moderator. As a result, the inmates have literally taken over the asylum. Political Correctness is the name of the game and God help you if you hold a slightly more conservative view of the world than two people (in particular)who have appointed themselves as the Hive's own magisterium.

The attacks against one man, John Heaton, have been relentless. He is accused of everything from racism to falsehoods to being a tool of the Bush Administration. If he posts anything about his religious beliefs one of the two Hive Policemen will descend upon his posts with a visciousness that defies imagination and beliefs.

The two men are liberal thinkers (so they claim) and big fans of moral relativism. I have been the object of one of the men's hatred and vitrol because I reject that type of sloppy thinking. I believe there is such a thing as Objective Truth and dare to voice it. What saves me, I think, is that I can back up my arguments without having to stoop to their level. As a result, I am no fun for them. I refuse to engage in the name calling. I will answer their points with points of my own, and I attempt to do so with accuracy and kindness. This drives them crazy. As a result, they rarely attempt to engage me in any kind of discussion - one even went so far as to post that he was 'out of here' after one of his scattershot attacks on the Catholic Church and its doctrine of Papal Infallibility. When I explained the difference between being infallible and being impecable, he became furious....and spent the next week or so trying to prove I would support killing people if they did not agree with my political or religious beliefs. He ended up looking really stupid and so he stopped.

I do not attempt to 'defend' Mr Heaton because frankly he does a great job all by himself and does not need my help. However, it infuriates me to no end that these two left-wing fascists feel it is perfectly ok to rip into him, and others, by way of pointing out their physical failings, misrepresenting their political beliefs and otherwise acting as though it is their God given right to verbally smash them over the head to 'save The Hive from hatred'.

The lack of critical thinking skills, their inability to follow an argument, their claims to having insider knowledge and the typical Liberal Elitist attitude of 'we know what is really best for all of you' chaps my hide.

Oh well.

I could have worse problems than this today. I could be struggling to find work or save my home. I could be far away from Truth and the comfort the sanctifying grace of the Sacraments provide. I could have turned my back on the Eucharist, one more time, by demanding that freedom and license become interchangable.

I wish we had a chance at civilized discussions online - alas, I fear those days are done. While I do not want to be one more person leaving The Hive because of the tone and anger of two men, it may come to that; they are behaving in such an ungentlemanly fashion that the concept of honorable behavior seems to have become twisted into 'if you disagree with us, you are a hater...and we will stop you'.

May God have mercy of them both.


chimakuni said...

The internet has become a very spiteful, hate-filled place. Especially on the blogs. Individuals in their own enviromment can attack others without being held accountable. . . or so they think.

I write from time to time, on our local newspaper internet blog. The other day someone wrote to me off blog to tell me to "go and check - - the reponse you have is so hatefilled and horrible and I have defended you."

I did not go look. I can become extremely depressed when I see the hatred and the ignorance of others.

I am glad that she defended me - but truly, I have no idea what it was all about. I do write about the truth of abortion.

I have outed myself as a post abortive mom and let the chips fall where they may.

There are so many people who are hurting - and in their hurt, they are nasty, vitriolic and quite frankly, sad, sad people.

Blogs do give me a great opportunity for the occasion of sin and one site in particular has been placed OFF LIMITS by me so that I do not have to go to confession too often!

Seriously, when I realiezed that my anxiety level, my irritation, my life was being taken over by the responses, I had to think why I was writing on the blogs.

It was because I want to bring the truth and goodness of God to others - and perhaps I have done that in some way, but I also found that I was letting their evilness, their hatred spill into my life and I could not longer afford to do that.

So - I have placed myself into time out of blog-dom...for this minute, for this hour, for this day!

You do write a very well reasoned argument, my friend. But - remember the saying - do not throw pearls before swine? Maybe it is time for a breather!

love you -

Leslie K. said...

I will defend you too....give me the link for your blog and you will have my defense at every opportunity.

I was told, by a courageous woman, to remember this: "What would Dorothy Parker do?".

and so.....I am back in the battle.....away we go....